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Cob Homes: Natural, Sustainable Living Solution for the Bleak Future

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Online Cob House Building Lessons: http://www.members.thiscobhouse.com/online-cob-house-workshop/

For more cob building tips and how-to lessons visit: http://www.thiscobhouse.com

What if I told you that you could build your very own beautiful home with the resources right beneath your feet, on a budget of a few thousand dollars, and never have to live with a mortgage?


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P W says:

I am all for building anything that is better, cheaper and will lost longer. But would you please stop talking about global warming as if it were real. It is a farce, a con, a one world government "red movement" not a "green movement"
You people are embarrassing yourselves.
"bleak future" give me a break.

Tommy Bryan says:

mmm I think people are just rethinking what they want in a home, be it a cob house, tiny house or heck even a tree house.. Maybe people are beginning to see they are other ways to live than buying all the traditional expensive homes, 

Ventosa Makari says:

cob 4 life!

Boris Yurganov says:

Just finished a 9 day cob workshop. Love it!

Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin says:

Who are you even talking too? Cob has been used for thousands of years and you can indeed make it yourself out of basically earth, I don't think the poster of this video needs to show his house to prove thousands of years of civilization correct, you can find cob houses that are like 500 years old still standing.

tomassino says:

puaghh, adobe, last time i worked in a adobe building it was like a pain in the ass.

Luminasita says:

……..About what?

john Daily says:

Of all these pics what photos actually represent your actual design/work?

65kendall says:


You just keep on getting "TOO SERIOUS" there sunshine!
People need to wake the F_ _ _ up!

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