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Container Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to Grow

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May 20 Container Garden Update and Harvest Vegetable Varieties Organic Raw Food Diet Raised Bed Gardening Tomato Pepper Radish Easy how to grow plant prepper survivalist deer cat toupee wig bug control grape vines funny pet video


Garfunkel Mcgillicutty says:

rules suck!

carmen elenes says:


Dab God says:

one of the neatest gardens I've seen on youtube!

Stylistaaaa says:

Your cat is so cute!

RanIntoSomeConfusion says:

Wow – your grape vines are so impressive. Could you tell me when you planted the vines? I was wondering how long it took to get them that size and producing so well. Thanks 🙂

J B says:

Love your videos as always! You seriously need to look into becoming some sort of gardening consultant, with your skills I'm sure you would be raking in some of that other green stuff. Ha!


EXCELLENT! You have to be one of the best container growers that I have seen. Your plants look fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

Kelvyn Furniel says:

Hi love your garden iam trying to do something similar but i live in zone 10B south florida and i get about 15 hours of intense sun in my garden … I'm trying to grow more vegetables…? what do you recommend… thanks

Rosa Linda Dure says:

I'm jealous at your garden! beautiful, good job!

Leisurely Logan says:

Just amazing.

Cambiumlayer 13 says:

Cut the Kale…spin it…chop it up…pick the radish…cut the radish…yummy salad…heavenly sound…brush the cat…CATMOPOLITAN!!!!. You are so funny Lol.

R Dy says:

Beautiful garden!!!

ChubbEpenguin says:

Just wanted to say, I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep'em coming bud!

Brooklyngirl In The Caribbean says:

GORGEOUS gardens! You inspire me!!! (cat toupee was hilarious!)Thanks 4 sharing! ???

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