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DITL: Sustainable Living ♻️🌎🌿 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement (beyond zero waste)

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I am so excited to get started with projects for green-ifying our home! I hope you enjoy these “beyond zero waste” type of videos which would not be possible without Home Depot! Check out some of the unique items we used.

▸ Rain Water Barrel – https://homedepot.sjv.io/EjWPe
▸ Aluminum Gutters – https://homedepot.sjv.io/4YqAM
▸ Reusable AC Filter – https://homedepot.sjv.io/23Jeg

Eco-Friendly Mattresses:

Sustainable Bedding Post:
*** I’m still working on the bedding post, I’ll pin it in the comments when it’s finished (:

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Renee Robinson says:

I want to see more videos like this! I currently own home. I didn't know that they had reusable filters like that, eithe. Thanks for adding that into this video! I need to check into that to see if they have one that fits my unit.

Lyndsey Correll says:

Definitely would love to see more home greening projects!!

HollyOkai says:

I always love your videos. I love the fact that you tried to get your backpack updated. If you still have not found a solution I think this is something that I could sew for you. It’s just a matter of finding the right fabric.

Yan Sfor says:

I'm thankful for this video! I've been wondering how to make my home eco friendly.

Fennec says:

I would love to see more of this since I'm planning on buying my first home soon.

Wastenaut Jamie says:

Not a homeowner, but it's so nice to see that a giant chain like home depot is moving towards sustainable products!

FlyDorsch says:

Real nice transition with the percel drop! And also, yes please to eco-friendly bedding. I still find it quite hard to chose the right ones that actually feel nice and don't just slide around at night.

Anna Harris says:

I'm just renting a townhome but I would love to see more content around what we can also do if we rent! 😁

Strawbrary Liberry says:

Yes! More content like this!

MsSculptress says:

Re your water bottle, a temp solution is to buy a carebeana clip to the bag then tie or stick a rope or cloth hook to bottle and attach .

Leesa Masson says:

Please make this a series! Would love more tips on greening a home.

clothy cloth says:

We can't collect rain water here, and I have to say I kind of agree with it. If everyone did it just imagine the outcome. I must live in one of the wettest countries.

littlekitten says:

I just got s bamboo toothbrush! It’s really nice and eco friendly packaging.. the bristles are freaking rainbow it can’t get any better than that 😂

Cassie Brown says:

Omg, yes! I LOVE this style of video so much! As a young homeowner, I’m always looking for ways to green our home. My husband and I have been researching about rain barrels for a couple months. Thank you so much! 💚

Jazmin Reeve says:

I got my bag repaired from a shoe repair shop not long ago (the strip was attached to the lining and coming away from the bag outer) which felt so good to get it repaired rather than buy a new one because I want a grunbag but my current bag isn't dead yet. You can defiantly get a water bottle holder attached cheaper than that!

MonoiLuv says:

Tell us about that reusable air filter! Homeowner!

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