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DITL: Sustainable Living ♻️🌎🌿 ZERO WASTE FAILS + Plastic Free Goodies

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I have been looking for a sustainable way to get vitamins for years and it’s finally here!!! If you want to snag your custom vitamin pack with COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING!!! ▸▸▸ Click here http://bit.ly/2K6WeDr and use my code SHELBI25 to get 25% off your first Care/of order.

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Full OSEA review video – https://youtu.be/pfxuEGyPyKw

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but the world needs all the good that you can do.


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Shelbizleee says:

I want to add that care/of's packets are backyard and industrially compostable. Not to be confused with "bio-plastic" which I reference later in the video where the plastic is made from plants but usually not compostable in an industrial facility and takes so long in your backyard compost that's it's not really compostable at the end of the day. Hope that makes sense! This stuff can be confusing!

J E says:

Yes!! Driving is stressful! I love walking everywhere because it benefits so much, my mental state, physique, AND it's great for the environment! I love your videos Shelbi you have inspired and taught my boyfriend and I so much about low impact living and are helping us on our journey. Love your videos never stop doing what you do!

Dylan Ruggeri says:

oof that use of the R word was Not Good

Linda Tait says:

I love it when nature pushes our stuff out of the way like that! Hope Maddison is ok xx

Omiraswrath says:

Oh good now i can get some ideas of where to go. We are moving near San Antonio next week.

Jet Storm says:

Hope you said "makes you a target" and not the r word because I'd be seriously shocked if you dropped the r word

Kayla Beard says:

It’s really too bad that the samples at the conferencewere not zero waste. I don’t think minimalism and small samples fall into the same category. Still looks like you’re having a great time, loved watching!

Penny Servis says:

I do want to see a video of trains and buses journey. And I think I may get a facial too. Thanks for encouraging me to be more aware of my choices of plastic or something mire earth friendly.

amyellex says:

So much waste is generated at those large conferences

sanityisrelative says:

Are you taking the coastal starlight for any part of your trip? If so, definitely hang out in the observation car, it's a gorgeous ride.

(Also, if you're getting to Vancouver via train, the offboarding process is interesting. The trains from the States are separated from the rest of the Canadian trains with intense chain link fencing, so you can't just run into Canada I guess. When I went we got in at 11 pm and I kept expecting to see guards with dogs and giant searchlights. That was probably just the exhaustion taking though.)

Zoie Ledoux says:

IN LOOOVE WITH VLOGS! you showing how you LIVE with zero waste ugh ily

Annette Taylor says:

We just did a great thing. We got new dishes for my 4 year old son, and a few spoons, and 2 sippy cups for our 8 week old when she gets older. We got them from replay (recyclable milk jugs) we saved 18 from being sent to the land fill whoohoo! Also their packaging came with no fillers there was only 1 thing in plastic the set of spoons so they wouldn’t get lost I guess. It was great’

ShippingAvaLance says:

You have a bunch of zero waste people who are often minimalist. Why free samples? 😂 it doesn’t seem like they would be used

Jubilee Virjan says:

Is anyone else like care/of saw that they were anti-haul and were like "we can fix that."

Cait Fahy says:

A public transport video would be amazing!!

Fatom Faisal says:

Omg 😮 the Armpit hair !!! are you serious
That's really nasty 🤢 She has the confidence to raise her hand as well !!
I can't imagine the smell
loving the animals and the environment does not mean that you need to be disgusting

Kiki May says:

Can you please link your friend’s account, I’d love to follow her x

Henriette Linkshänderin says:

Did you compensate the CO2 emissions from your flights?

Candice says:

I really enjoy your videos, you've helped inspired my journey to become more eco-friendly and minimal. It's been exciting because I've been able to talk to friends and educate them as well. I recently had a friend decide to give up her kurig because of how wasteful it is.

Kelly S says:

A”is anything really compostable” Ali asked. YES those cups are commercially compostable (but not so much at home).

Csenge Bujdosó says:

I love you Shelbi ❤️ you are the best inspiration on my zero waste/low impact/vegan journey 🙂

Shirley Creed says:

I love that top you wore with the deep V frill. It looks amazing on you.

Lindsey Heringer says:

Yay for lefties! I knew you were in your right mind! 😜

Cinnova says:

Just got an e-bike! Kind of like having a car, but less stressful I think 🙂

Lindsey Heringer says:

I love both you and Alli! I had no idea you guys were friends!

K A M Y A says:

I love that they come with your name on them! Who else can never find their names on products at the store 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

Strolling Through Life says:

Plant Power is sooooo good!

Monica Garafano says:

i couldn't find any information at all on the care of website about their packaging…i feel like if they were truly a sustainable company, they would advertise it SOMEWHERE on their whole site, but most companies would brag about it because that would attract a lot more people. because from the outside, this company seems very wasteful and the definition of single use.

Marina says:

I wonder why she said that she doesn’t agree with all the sample products that were given out at the event?

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