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DITL: Sustainable Living ♻️🌎🌿 zero waste groceries & eco-home improvement

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Sustainable living can seem complicated, but I hope that through my vlogs you are learning that is not the case! If you want one straight forward way to help our planet, invest in a compostable phone case! –▸ Get 15% off a Pela Phone Case with code “Shelbi” https://bit.ly/2qCUdEg

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but the world needs all the good that you can do.


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Shelbizleee says:

Thank you so much for hanging out with us this weekend! And thank you so so much for allowing me to work with brands I love like Pela. –▸ Get 15% off a Pela Phone Case with code "Shelbi" https://bit.ly/2qCUdEg

PS – is there any specific sort of fall videos you’d like to see from me? Let me know!

GM T says:

There's something blurry in the lower left hand corner.

Jenna Raatikainen says:

I hate hot! BUT as a finnish person, I don’t like electric saunas/steamrooms, but original woodburning saunas ❤️ If you’re ever in Finland you should definately try one. Love your channel, long-time fan

Laurie Graff says:

My main supplier for my business uses those packing peanuts and I have to make sure I keep them away from my dogs because they LOVE them! 😂

Iris Castaneda says:

Forgive her. Sauna is great for the skin.

Rachel Strzembo says:

LOVE Pela cases, I just ordered another one last week!

The Caroline Show says:

Nooo why is it just iphone and samsung 🙁
They should do them with like a stamper where you can cut the wholes yourself 😀

Jet Storm says:

If you know any car savvy people they can unplug the fuse that makes the beeping sound when going in reverse

Angelique LeBlanc says:

I love the Jason and argon oil one!!!!

lucy marie says:

Pozole is traditionally made of chicken pork or beef. Some people mix all three but I don’t like it. It’s also not necessarily made out of fat my family takes all fat off the meat before cooking but I know some families do leave it all on. I personally would really like to try the vegan version you ate.

Ciara Fogle says:

With halloween coming up, something occurred to me. This was the wastefulness of jack-o-lanterns. Like literally, we are dedicating so much effort and resources to grow these pumpkins that will only be used to look pretty outside and rot. Yeah, maybe some of them will get their seed roasted, but the majority of the of them will be completely wasted!

Grace Fay says:

Definitely will be buying that pela case when I have fully broken my own phone case, as you were saying. Remember to make sure your old phone cases are fully used before buying a new one! Same with anything you decide to buy. Reuse, then buy better.

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