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DITL: Sustainable Living ♻️🌎🌿eco-friendly camping tips & gear

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Low waste and/or zero waste camping can be tricky, but I’ve got some tips to help you out! If you need to pick up some items for your trip check out Earth Hero, https://earthhero.com/?ref=shelbileel
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▸ Reusable Trash Bags – https://bit.ly/31e4uqo
▸ Chico Bags – https://bit.ly/33AKG21
▸ Stasher Bags – https://bit.ly/2KtMC4w
▸ Organic Cotton Socks – https://bit.ly/2potb6e
▸ House of Marley Speaker – https://bit.ly/2kJ50xj
▸ Citronella Candle – https://bit.ly/2IVgZ3L
▸ Bug Spray – https://bit.ly/2BrdvCd
▸ Sunscreen – http://shrsl.com/1vt5n
▸ Light My Fire Spice Holder – https://bit.ly/31gZoJZ
▸ Utensil Set – https://bit.ly/2LhiYCk

▸ Protein Bars Recipe – https://bit.ly/33EeOK1

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Autumn Greenleaf says:

Thanks. There are no pic-nick table or firepits in wilderness ( : . Give your brain and ears a break from human noises and listen to the great outdoors. All that nature has to offer you is free. They are called environmental services and you should listen to a lack of noise from humans.

Struggling but Trying says:

This is perfect timing I’m going camping in a few weeks and I could not figure out a good way to reduce my waste while camping. Thank you!!

Melinda allen says:

Before I even watch this video.. THANK YOU.. I needed this because I'm a camp counselor and I have been trying to live more eco friendly and I was wondering how I would do that at camp as well!!

Bella Mays says:

I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to go zero waste. I’m 17 and I’ve stopped using plastic and I’m eating healthier. I’ve completely eliminated all the plastic in my life. I’ve also been wearing more sustainable clothing. And I bought recycled headphones and a plea case.

Becca Gee says:

Such a smart way to do the cooking! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

Thacylla Silva says:

When you sell items on poshmark, how do you package? I want to start but I'm not sure how to mail it safely without plastic and where do I get the packaging material. Can you do a video about that? Thank you !! <3

andthenifellinlove says:

Oh my goodness, yes! I like this a lot. Those baggies seem really handy. Earthhero seems lovely; however, there's not something I need.

Shea Moore says:

How did you guys manage water while camping? I feel like I create so much plastic waste, because I don't have that many reusable bottles and would rather bring too much water than not enough

Hunter Rulon says:

If you’re doing a sock video and haven’t heard of these yet you have to try conscious step socks! They’re sold at my local fair trade store but they also have a website. I LOVE their designs, they’re made of organic cotton and each style supports a different cause! 💕

Staci Spinelli says:

Shelbi this video is honestly one of your best. You're making beautiful content and only getting better and better at it. Love you!!!!

Alice Lamberton says:


Absolutely no one:

Shelby: GiRlFriEnD LeGgInGs! 😍😍😍

Kristen Leo says:

The diy fire starter BLEW MY MIND! That was so cool! I don't know if anyone else loved that I swear I'm not a pyromaniac just thought it was really creative 😅

ppjskh says:

10:32 Madison is so funny. 😂👌

Sarah Thatcher says:

Looking forward to the sock video. I'm trying to replace my old ones. I'm assuming you won't be including any with wool but i live in Canada and having at least a little wool content is essential to me for warmth. I would like to know if there are some brands that make ones with wool but in a way that doesn't harm the animals. I know vegans won't agree that's possible but like with many things, a smaller more conscious brand that has some wool, to me, is better than me having to buy from Joe Fresh. That is where my last pairs were from ( before I knew better). The most popular brand here is called 'Smart Wool'. I haven't looked into their ethics yet but I'm not hopeful and I won't buy from them until I do some really deep research. I don't buy synthetic ( plastic) materials when it comes to clothes/ socks. Although it is almost impossible to find any sock that doesn't have a bit of synthetic in it for 'strength and durability' . And synthetic materials for socks aren't warm enough anyways. And I only purchase organic cotton material…but 100% organic cotton would never be warm enough and probably way too thick for everyday boots if they somehow could be warm enough. Second hand isn't an option in this case either. I even bought some yarn and a pattern to make my own to replace my old fast fashion brand socks. It was really difficult to find a good sock yarn that doesn't have any synthetic fibres. I haven't got very far because I am having back/ neck problems that often slow down or stop me from knitting. My old socks were quite perfect technically. They were very light weight, just the right length, came in the two colors I need and super warm. Shopping with values/ ethics isn't always easy…worth it, but not easy. I'd appreciate anything you could suggest to help me out.

Manyamz says:

Dude, I got an Eileen Fisher top and it is seriously the most comfortable fabric ever. I got tencel pajama pants and they breathe very well. I'm also going to try some girlfriend leggings. Very nice recommendations.

Frosandavocados says:

A camping Meetup would be so nice to have! ( We car camp for cross country road trips btw)

Vibing Vegan says:

Eating out of the can is good and all, but looks difficult. Collapsable bowls really come in handy when camping. (You can usually find collapsable silicone ones at pet stores).

Monica Garafano says:

just placed an order on earth hero! love everything about this company and i cant wait for all my ~eco~ products to arrive!!!

Veronica LuVisi says:

Don’t use bug spray! Use baby oil! I swear I was invisible to mosquitos it was insane!

Nikki Hitchcock says:

The best thing ever was buying a second hand queen size sleeping bag! Originally like 150+ got for 45 bucks! Lol check Facebook market always ahaha

Gina Garcia says:

Ahhh this makes me want to go camping! Thanks for this 😊

Kate says:


LifeLostSoul says:

Lol Colorado has about 10 mosquitoes in the entire state but about 9 of them carry West Nile.

"The risk for serious insect-borne diseases such as malaria or West Nile virus, DEET is what doctors recommend. In addition, doctors recommend using DEET in concentrations between 20 percent and 50 percent."

Could you link to some peer-reviewed studies about Deet not being good for the environment?
What I found says that part of it is broken down by sunlight and chemicals in the air within 5 hours. And what washes off the skin is broken down by microorganisms, like as part of what they do. So it doesn't stay in the environment very long at all.

DDT is known harmful to people and the environment but we should still probably let people use it so they don't die of malaria. Part of the issue was is in the US we were using it in such high quantities.

Try Raw Love sunscreen its a female owned company. She is a marine biologist so free-safe was her number 1 concern and all of her products are sold plastic free because it's part of her business philosophy in the first place.

You guys should try hammock camping because they pack up so small and they can be found used at second hand outdoor supply stores. Or pretend you are in the military and pack everything you need in a rucksack and don't even use a suitcase. You guys definitely have some military surplus stores in your city and you can buy used military gear because they will sell the stuff that is no longer… the right color camo. Like it's honestly probably a good place for high quality used camping gear. Their sleeping bags have like 4 layers and get ridiculously small.

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