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DIY living green roof installation

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Discover how and why to install a Green Roof, https://www.ecohome.net/guides/1099/living-roofs-the-secret-to-success/ or you can see how the roof was insulated to R-95 first in this video https://youtu.be/HK89vxMgQSU as demonstrated on EcoHome’s LEED Platinum V4 Edelweiss House which Canada Green Building Council President Thomas Mueller calls “A phenomenal achievement”. Learn about membranes for waterproofing, the rain retention advantages, the biodiversity a green roof provides, the soil and the plants to be used

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Liam O’Neil says:

Would you also be able to add a drainage system to a rain barrel for filtered water collection?

I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room says:

very very very good it should be into construction law ,Isolation law ,construction code must be change ,if you want to combat climate change ,insulation on roof ,feeding population law ,

Broniuks Antanuks says:

Dirt? Dirt?!?! It's an insult to Soil!

Gary Stevens says:

Wow.. Just think how these NC weeds would love it up there! Yep🙄

Heather Carter says:

I built an addition to my home with a low pitch and put a rubber roof on it with the idea later on of using it to expand my second story balcony around to. Now I'm really curious if I could make the space into a green roof instead as we decided to expand our back porch instead of expanding the balcony so I'm just stuck with an eyesore of a low pitch rubber roof. I live in Ohio. Is something like this a feasible option for where I live?

Jenny Hirst says:

This video’s great!! I’m a Video Researcher from UNILAD and we would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure! If you're interested on getting it featured on our facebook page with credit to you, please submit the footage without any watermarks to the link below. Feel free to email me at jenny.hirst@unilad.co.uk if you’d like to know more!

jcarlos88 says:

An Update please.

MS says:

i went to a roofing store in Toronto to ask for green roof materials and the guy said thats rich mans roofing, no one can afford that stuff. hahahaha. that made me laugh cause he is right!

thomas seven says:

I live in an area that's really dry in the summer so without irrigating the roof would become a fire hazard. Do people irrigate these things?

Nicolas Abouchaar says:

Hello, excellent video !! Just a question. do you not say in the video that you protect the water proof elastomer (resisto) with the black asphalt sheet all over the roof? I then see that you put the root barrier (green sheet 15mm) directly over the resisto and not the asphalt sheet. Cam you please explain??? thanks again!!

Tsetsi says:

This is very educational

Brian McCullough says:

Would red (Boston) ivy be wise to plant instead of grass?

Gabriel Batagliotti says:

Termina contaminando mucho mas !

Mike Reynolds says:

So sorry for the delayed response to comments. A lot seem to be about finding the materials and the cost, there is more info at our site including links to finding the products. http://www.ecohome.net/guide/diy-green-roof-installation-video . As for cost, that is hard to pin down as we did the labour ourselves rather than hiring a contractor, and we also found the most back breaking way to do it 🙂 Instead of a dirt pump truck we used a conveyor belt, shovels and wheel barrels. To budget accurately, check the link above that leads you to manufacturers to get current prices for your roof by square footage, we would also recommend a dirt pump truck if they are available in your regions. As for labour, our best guess is about 4 guys for about 4 or 5 days, including all membranes, the exterior edge, loading the dirt and seeding it. Best regards.

Off the record says:

What's the overall weight in kg per sqm?

Hercules Andrade says:

where can I find the Delta Floor?

stabg289 says:

So you have to mow your roof ? doesn't seem green at all . More materials then a regular roof

Charles Love says:

PSF and cost please?

Mohamed Shams says:

Great Video! Thanks for sharing. Was just wondering where does the excess water go? And what drainage system did you use/could be used (single point drains, pipes etc.)? Thank you.

Jay Kappy says:

How much did it cost?

Mari Hii says:

How much did you spend to do this roof?? I really need to know

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