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DO’s & DON’Ts for an Eco-Friendly Valentines Day | Anti-Haul +Gift Ideas

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Sustainable Lingerie Guide:

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FearlessAstridHofferson says:

Stuffed animals are not something to be ashamed of the whole adultness is not a good selling point. My friend and I have build a bear dragons from How to train your dragon and we have had them almost ten years. We still love them, if you personally find stuffed animals purpose-less just skip them but don't say stuff like "we are adults we shouldn't want them." As for my Vday plans, I am handing out some sweet paper valentines to mall employees in cosplay of Genderbent Eddie Kaspbrak since I'm Asexual and don't date I'd rather make other people happy and show they are remembered.

Vicky C says:

Wow thank you so much for that ethical underwear /lingerie list !! Soooooo useful !!!! And I love how you did the size and price range thing ! Extra helpful !!

Olivia May says:

The flower thing is something I had never thought about before!! Luckily I always thought they were kind of pointless anyway 🙂🤷🏼‍♀️

yonnie says:

I'd been marathoning your older videos and I just wanted to mention that I much prefer your current makeup style. It's a personal preference but I love the natural look and colors that you have on now. Easy DIY for Valentine's day is edibles. You mentioned making baked goods but also things like chocolate dipped strawberries or other fruit, chocolate mousse with (vegan) whipped cream etc.

V CR says:

It’s funny bc isn’t valentines about some bloody war? Lol

Becca Holderness says:

I LOVED the format of this video!

Strange Kat says:

I've got a tiny back size and big cup size. I'm yet to see an affordable ethical bra brand that does something in my size. My bras are £40+ each. Anything in XS-XL sizing doesn't fit properly. It's either too big for my ribs or too small for my tits. I also need underwiring and I like padding. And I want something sexy. I'm in my early 20s. I want my bras to reflect that. Some beige thing that looks like it was designed for my granny won't do. There's a massive gap in the market for sexy, genuinely inclusive, supportive, sustainable bras that don't cost my monthly mortgage payment.

Also nursing bras. Nowhere does a sustainable version that actually fits and doesn't cost a small fortune.

Dee Kauzlar says:

What are your thoughts about buying the candy a few days after Valentines (when they are getting rid of them ). I used to buy the red m&ms to make cookies through summer! I used them in cookies for July 4th and the holidays.

Adrienne G says:

My birthday is Valentine’s Day thank you for this perfect video!!

Your moms a Haunted house says:

Fair trade extra dark chocolate bars are where it’s at 👌

- says:

If possible can you also do an anti-haul for Saint Patrick's Day?☘🌱🐝🌲

Archie The Parrot says:

Oh yeeuh dats right misca bizlouts

Carly Bo Barly says:

Shelby, This is why buying flowers from a florist are so important. Where they are florverde certified. Which most flowers grow for florist are. Also as a florist, I try to be as zero waste as possible and use paper to wrap bouquet, have a bring back vase program and try to encourage other sustainable ways in my shop.

caitlyn baxter says:

Me and my boyfriend are not buying valentines flowers, cards, candy or stuffed animals for each other this year. Last year I was stuck with a vase that I had to store. I like Valentine’s Day but I am going to find other ways to celebrate it without being so wasteful.

Ayyy s says:

Where did you get your biodegradable stickers from? I want to order custom-made stickers…thanks!

Sarah Nuovo says:

I'm surprised that you didn't mention actual valentines! Spending money on a card, which someone reads for ten seconds, who then keeps it and feels guilty about getting rid of it, but it usually, eventually, it goes to the trash. Writing a letter or making something yourself is so much better. That's what I'm anti-hauling.

supernova622 says:

I really wish I could get an Imperfect Produce box in my area! It's such a great idea – hope they are successful and continue to expand!

Avery Sistare says:

I loved the style of this video. I liked how you gave good substitutions for the wasteful things.

Molly May says:

Yay!!!! Thanks for posting this, my girlfriend and I are doing a zero waste Valentine’s Day so this will be super helpful. There’s a European style florist near where I live and I’ll be able to get local flowers with no plastic!

Janine Lee says:

“Single use lingerie”? Girl what? Lol! I understand what you’re saying though. 😜

RunnerAAA says:

Thanks for doing so much research!

Jennifer Kohler says:

I don't celebrate Valentines Day here….only Sweetest Day in October. And on the stuffed animal thing~my ex-roommate bought me a GIANT stuffed teddy bear which sits in my one extra bedroom collecting dust. Still trying to figure out what is the best way to get rid of it! I have 3 grandkids but don't want to pass it on to my daughter's house (she already has enough stuff) and don't want to donate it to Goodwill (I used to work there and most of the stuffies ended up being trashed)! This thing is the biggest eyesore I have ever had in my home!!! Ugh! Love the video <3

Katherine Allen says:

Poundland in the UK is literally selling a package with nothing in it with the pathetic joke "I got what you wanted – nothing" 😡

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