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Earthship (Aardskip): Self-Sustainable Living – Ludwig Everson

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The Earthship (Aardskip) is an experiment in self-sustainable (autarkic) living and housing. We interview Ludwig Everson, who discusses the importance of practicing self-sustainable living in South Africa. Mr. Everson discusses the thinking behind the Earthship, what it entails, and the process he goes through in order to have a system of renewable resources for utilities and sustainable living, especially in an arid region such as the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The Earthship experiment is located in Orania, and is situated perfectly to practice self-sustainable permaculture, living, and housing.

If you have any questions for Mr Everson, contact him on his website, or on his Twitter page:





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Voortrekker Media says:

Awesome! 💪🏻⚡️

Jacek 1313 says:

Orania is a wonderful place. It looks like a moshav (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moshav) in Israel. In my opinion Orania can be the future for many Afrikaners, but it needs support. The general question is: "Do White People have a future in South Africa ruled by the ANC?". And the answer is: "NO!!!" Co-existence of Whites and Blacks in South Africa is NOT possible. ANC and EFF are criminal and communist organizations. These black communists want to murder White People or force them to emigrate. White People in South Africa – all White People: Boers, English, Poles, Jews, Germans must unite and establish their own state – Boer Republic: Volkstaat (!!!). As You know, there are two projects: 1. Volkstaat in the Northern Cape Province (with a capital in Orania) – by prof. Carel Boshoff and Vry Afrikaner Beweging; 2. Volkstaat in Transvaal, Oranje Vrystaat and the Eastern Cape Province – by dr. Dan Roodt. Please, take a look at this website: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1014631/
What do You think about it?
Polish Afrikaner

Black Sun Rising says:

Ever heard of "Juche" from north Korea? This is Boere Juche, or Buche!

Black Sun Rising says:

I wonder how long it will be before the EFF or those in the cANCer (same thing?) want to properly mess with Orania? I don't think its a matter of "if" but rather "when". I was there a long time ago and didn't get a chance to speak to too many people as we were just passing through but I hope they're well armed.

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