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Easy eco friendly swaps that even I can do.

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Getting zero waste fever? Here’s 5 things I have hauled lately to be a smart lady. I am the smartest hack queen.

You can only buy Harris and Hole cups from them but here’s the nearest equivalent I can find: http://po.st/KeepCupBlack *

Harris and Hole: http://po.st/HarrisAndHole

Bamboo Cutlery: http://po.st/WoodenCutlery *

Eco Toothbrush: http://po.st/EcoTooth *

Reusable Make Up Wipes/ Washable Facial Cleansing Pads http://po.st/FacePads

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Caitlin Ellen says:

Other eco-friendly swaps that are worth a try!
Beeswax wraps – excellent replacement for glad wrap/cling wrap/aluminium foil. Really good for wrapping up leftovers, vegetables, sandwiches etc. Not too sure where you can get them in the UK but suss out your local eco store or markets.
Toothy tabs – alternative to toothpaste so no nasty chemicals and no nasty packaging either! You can buy them from LUSH. I know they used to do them in recyclable cardboard but now they're in plastic bottles that are all upcycled and can be returned so woo recycling!
Cloth bags – so so good for buying veggies, lentils, whatever. Keep a couple of them with your grocery run and get rid of paper and plastic bags altogether. Carrying around a tote bag or spare shopping bags is excellent too.
Alternative period products – for all the folk who bleed monthly, they are SO MANY alternatives. There's a lot of waste generated from having periods and a lot of people tend to forget about it. THINX is a great alternative, so are eco pads, and the illustrious moon cup/diva cup/any type of cup.
Other spots to buy KeepCups are your big bookstores or online! KeepCup.com sell them and you can pick your own designs for this, but they do tend to be cheaper in-store and you don't have to worry much about air miles or the carbon footprint.
This has been a very long comment, your hair looks great, excited for more videos like this.

Tora Oliphant says:

Love the video! Super excited to see the 5-9 stuff coming out… it's a concept I've started referencing in my everyday life 🙂

Julia Bidoli says:

Brilliant video 😊 thanks Leena! Some great ideas!

lucylovinglife says:


Francesca Camilleri says:

This is an amazing video!! I would definitely watch more 💕💕

zoeatrics says:

Great to see KeepCup and Who Gives a Crap shouted out here! They are both Australian brands and I wasn't sure if people had access to the magic overseas – fabfabfab.

Dane Reads says:

I laughed so hard at the water ahahaha

Ryan Harris says:

Another eco friendly switch are laundry ecoegg's x

Natassa K says:

You just informed me of such easy ways to be more eco-friendly and I thank you! I just looked up bamboo toothbrushes, and I'll talk to my family tomorrow (they're all in bed atm) about buying us one each to try them out. I don't tend to eat out or get many drinks to go, but if I start to in the future I'll definitely start carrying around cutlery and those cup things myself!

Fina Evans says:

My dads all for no chemicals etc. and it’s seriously rubbing off on me 😂 it’s the sort of thing I thought I’d never inherit but I find myself actively seeking out these alternatives, a lot of which include environmental benefits. I’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes for ages and love them, you can get them off amazon in bulk so as a family of 5, this is ideal, we just sharpie our names on the handle. In terms of the difference to plastic, I’d say they’re better, because you expect them to feel rough and like they’re made of wood but it doesn’t, which makes you notice that they’re soft more than with the plastic bristles. One or two bristles do fall out but no more than a normal toothbrush would. I’m also s big fan of reusable water bottles, I’ve got an 800ml one I always keep in my rucksack and I almost never buy plastic bottle drinks and it helps me keep track of my water intake. One thing I’ve recently started is taking my makeup off with coconut oil instead of micellar water to stop using as many Cotton pads, it works really well and all my makeup comes off with a hot cloth so maybe a Liz Earl alternative? I still use an acne cleanser and a facewash after because I’ve got problem skin but it’s not 100% necessary, but both of those products are natural with no parabens etc, which I do genuinely find helps my skin. Also, I get the best shaving results when I shave with coconut oil and moisturise with it afterwards, I rely so heavily on the stuff 😂A good way to reduce food packaging is to order a veg box subscription, for us as a larger family we can eat it all but with the size we order you’d be drowning in spinach 😂 so I think you’d have to look for a similar alternative, but definitely worth it, I loved the new ingredients forcing me to experiment with cooking and it’s all seasonal and organic etc, well worth it. I actually loved this video, I’d love an update so many months on or something to see which habits you lost and kept etc. X

ranabanana says:

YOUR HAIR IT'S A LOOK – also loved this video!!

Alykia says:

Yea, I've been wanting to do the straw thing and/or make sure I deny the plastic take away stuff to eat with. They also say you can bring a to go box with you and have places pack it in that instead.
I've also wanted to do the bamboo toothbrush…I'm just waiting to use the ones I got first. haha

christina sweeney-baird says:

I've been buying who gives a crap toilet paper since seeing it on your channel! It's such a good company! I'm super on board with your ethical videos 🙂

Zoe Affleck says:

im going to Amsterdam soon! I would hear your suggestions on good places to visit!

Emily Brown says:

I!! Love!! Eco swap videos!!

IchBinDerVerlorene says:

This was so helpful! I'd love to see more environmentally conscious content from you. Also you look fab!

MsEffervescence says:

Sorry but I LOVE that you bought Liz Earle cleanser from the back of a van! 😂

Lisa Parks says:

loved this video! please do more :)) xx.

Nicole says:

I love videos like these! It helps educate and makes it so I don't have to do as much research! haha

Celeste Samuel says:

very interesting video !

Hana says:

more please xxxxx

Sam Ward Cares says:

Loved this! I've been trying to slowly incorporate lower-waste options into my life for the past year or so. And I'm sure you are going to love those bamboo toothbrushes (because I really love mine, lol)

Am I Write? says:

Have you ever used lush bar shampoo and conditioner? All the ones I've tried so far have been really good and it means I'm not constantly throwing away plastic shampoo bottles 🙂

Lorin Paterson says:

Really enjoyed this Leena, I’ve started thinking about every single thing i use and it’s horrifying, this was super useful!

Jennifer Carter says:

This was both interesting and useful.
Have you tried the cleaner chemicals which come in the post. You get small concentrated sachets and then dilute them yourself.

ophe teufel says:

5:10 "sqUaRes"

Emily S says:

More videos like this please!!

Katie Scott says:

I've never really thought about how many cotton pads i use to take off my makeup so i'll definitely be looking into buying those lil fabric ones!

Bethany Dennis says:

Eco-friendly tampons and shit?

Ellen Jones says:

Leena! There is a superdrug dupe of the Liz Earle cleanseer and it is as good. I wear absurd quantities of eyeliner and it take everything off easily

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