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Find out more about Smart Energy GB; https://bit.ly/2VbxHUD

I use affiliate links which means that if you purchase something I have recommended, I will make a small commission. This doesn’t effect the price you pay for the item.

De-Bobbler: http://bit.ly/2GQ3jFl
Collapsible Reusable coffee cup: http://bit.ly/2V8qiFL
Metal Straws: http://bit.ly/2GVrzWy
Reusable Lint Roller: http://bit.ly/2Vcd3nA
Foldable Reusable Shopping Bags: http://bit.ly/2GQOjr0
Live Green: http://bit.ly/2VaWSGV

Top items that people wrongly think can be recycled
Hand soap pump dispenser tops
Kitchen roll
Non-paper gift wrap
Coffee cups
Plastic bags
Wine glasses
Glass cookware
Window glass
Greasy takeaway pizza boxes
Soft plastic/laminated foil packaging such as pet food and baby food pouches
Photo paper
Nail varnish bottles
Crisp packets
Post-it notes
Shampoo bottles and food containers that have not been rinsed
Tissue boxes where the plastic insert has not been removed
Plastic toys
Pots and pans
SOURCE: https://bit.ly/2tOzUIk

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Wendy Woo says:

Well played using your platform for this topic when most influencers are only promoting fast fashion and rampant consumerism. The biggest things you can do to make a difference is cut right down on red meat and air travel.

StoneWallFlower says:

Can I just say Hair goals!

gemma widdowfield says:

Just interested, why would we be reducing our foot print by eating feet free meals – assume that meat/veg both need transport?

Katie Cook says:

Great start kate! There are ways now to recycle some of the items on that list such as pet food pouches, baby food pouches, soap dispenser pumps! Charities such as Kicks Count (search them on Facebook) have collectors dotted all over the country collecting these things and sending them back to the producers for donations – in this case to the Count the kicks charity. My local sport centre collects crisp packets. Supermarkets will take a lot of plastic like bread bags, frozen veg bags. I just keep a bag for each under my sink to take them all when full! Really easy and it’s helping me feel like I’m doing my bit – it’s definitely hard as a young family on low income to feel like I’m doing ‘enough’ so this helps me feel a bit better. Composting food waste is my next step as food thrown away with general waste doesn’t compost efficiently causing all sorts of issues at landfill. I’m also going to be getting an Eco Egg for laundry next month! Keep it up – enough people making small changes can make big difference x

Dianne B says:

Excellent video, great tips Kate. We have just installed LED lights too. I never use the fruit and veg plastic bags in supermarkets here in Australia, I carry a couple of similar little pouches too. By the way, not sure if you know this but the “bobbling” on sweaters is actually called “pilling” 👍🏻

Michele Kidney says:

Well done u x
Better later than never. We’re not all super green , but whatever we do is better than nothing. Like you, I agree it is a journey and a life change. It doesn’t all happen over night💖

Lauren Taylor says:

I had no idea that most of the things I try to recycle are not recyclable 😱 I’m horrified

Cheryl Collins says:

Love this! I also saw someone using reusable sandwich bags for packed lunches.

Annie Annie says:

I love that you have made this video! One of the things you can do to make a huge difference is eating less meat xxx

blah_di_blog says:

I'll definitely be trying a few of these ideas my cousin bought me metal straws for Christmas and I've ordered more since then because I think they're such a good idea, I will be washing at 30 more and using my tumble dryer a little less after watching this

Julie King says:

Absolutely LOVED this video Kate. You have such a lovely way with you and deliver your message in a lovely, non judgmental and very informative way. I’ve learned a lot from this video and I’ve also just purchased the reusable bags! 👌🏻👍🏻 thank you so much for all your wonderful tips! I feel like I’m already helping the environment more than I did yesterday. Xx

Lizzy Sumner says:

This is great. I do a few things to be more sustainable but could defiantly do more, great tips. Just curious if you shop from thrift/charity shops. You can get some great things especially for kids. Also did you know some places take clothes that can’t be sold/given away for rags. A lot of women’s refuge places do this. It’s great for items that just can be passed on xx

Laura Michaelis says:

Just ordered the lint roller. I have a cat and I try to minimize my waste- it is genius. One other thing you could consider is buying regional fruit and veg. It is not always the plastic wrap that kills the environment it is rather the thousands of miles (by plane, ship, car ..) bananas or melons "travel" to our European fruit bowls. It is easy really, more apples less bananas, more potatoes less rice and that makes a massive difference. Nice video!

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