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Easy Sustainable Living Tips

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Sustainable living is much simpler than you think! Here I share a few super easy sustainable living tips that I use when I travel locally and all around the world. With a small amount of effort, you can make a big difference!


Hilary Celentano says:

Sustainable living should include clothing that doesn’t include plastic micro fibers. Yoga pants are becoming a serious polluter.

clray123 says:

"Travelling all over the world" is not sustainable. Your bamboo spoons and other silliness like that are never going to offset the CO2 emissions you cause.

Iron Wrath 444 - Doomsday Yoga says:


Heike Becker says:

I've been using those produce bag for many years now. I always strongly disliked the plastic bags for produce in the stores. The veggies are wet and then stick to the bags. It's had to get the lettuce out without tearing it. Then I had a mess of bags in my trash still wet. I was so happy when I found those bags at the natural food store in Montana. I bring them with me in my willow basket so I don't have to use one from the store it's 1-2. You always have your basket with you.
I also use soap nuts for washing. And especially love using it for my cotton yoga rug. It leaves it totally chemical free, fresh and clean smelling without an offensive odor of perfume residue.

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