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Eclectic Gal Designs Eco-Friendly Tiny House with Two Lofts

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Anita’s Eco-friendly tiny home, “The Lilypad,” features two lofts and FIVE rooms in less than 250 square feet! The innovative curved roof allows five foot tall Anita to stand on both levels. Read on to learn more.

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LILYPAD WEBSITE: http://www.lilypadplanet.com/

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Not proper use of space

dearpuroo says:

it has a Indian touch

Baha Queen says:

Okay THGJ I have watched well over 300+ TH videos thus far in my prep journey and of those about 3 have really stood out to me (based on my design aesthetic and what matters most to me) and this particular TH design (and owner) I am just simply loving. What I adore are the office space and the eco veggie construction. Anita's TH has moved to the number 2 space in my portfolio of ideas. OMG, the office space & closet wow!!! (and I'm about 5' too) and the copper elements (which I am planning to have quite a bit of in my space) is beautiful in her bathroom space. And geeze the loft, I have a small business and that particular space is an amazing idea and helps me to visualize a needed space for my build which is greatly needed. This is one of the most helpful tours (based on my needs) thus far of hundreds that I've seen. Oh and finally, the stairs OH MY GAWD!!! Spot On! xoxo

Gokhan KOVAN says:

hello from turkey with love

Tore - Lifespeak says:

I think it´s the most amazing idea with the cozy chill out space in the loft. Better view, so what´s not to like. And she had a Buddha, so big thumbs up. She seems like a very sweet person.

Corgis 4232 says:

I’ve never seen a tiny home with a room with a door I think that’s a great, and cool, idea

C. V. says:

I could fall in love with her

littlefoot says:

I love the morrocan theme . this is a beautiful home .im smaller then her an that house is perfect .i would copy that style to its just to perfect an cozy. great home

Li Rasmusson says:

Finally a real home. It's beautiful!

S.S m says:

i live in India. and i can totally relate to ur beautiful interior.. very beautiful theme, cozy..and one of the best tiny houses so far.

Island Sunset says:

Definitely one of my top 3.❤😊😃

Island Sunset says:

Definitely one of my top 3 no question.

Island Sunset says:

Beautiful Gorgeous it just keeps going on and on the most adequate use of spaces and light in a tiny home that I've ever seen. And the decor honey yaaaaaaaasss icing on the cake its so close to perfection I Love it so much. Great job and thank you for sharing this and blessing us with a tour of your home.

Gigi S says:

Seems like she is parked into a house which would give her access to water and electricity. How would you be able to hook this home up if it was parked on a piece of land with utilities?

Adriana Noreña says:

I love this house! Completely my style aesthetic! Thanks for the inspiration!

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