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Eco-Friendly Cars of the Future – TechnoBuffalo’s Driven

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This week on Driven, Jon talks about fuel cell-powered cars and when we can expect to see more hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road. Get a look at the tech that drives these eco-friendly models along with industry concerns that are preventing some companies for rolling out their own fuel cell cars. Plus, more updates on Tesla and its Super Charger station expansion. All that and more on TechnoBuffalo’s Driven!

56% Of Carmakers Who Asked For Government ‘Green’ Loans Are Dead (via Jalopnik): http://jalopnik.com/56-of-the-carmake…

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What's the Big Deal? says:

Check out the next generation of hydrogen-powered cars and learn why some
auto companies are hesitant to hop on the fuel cell train. Plus, an update
on companies that didn’t fare so well after borrowing government money. All
that and more on +TechnoBuffalo’s Driven

Jurate Jurginyte says:

Pretty interesting facts about new technologies in automobile to make cars
environmental friendly.

Jono Simrin says:

These hydrogen-powered cars look pretty cool

John Wilson says:

Hydrogen is no more dangerous than gasoline, produces clean emissions &
don’t require a lifestyle change. I don’t like the idea of extended
downtime to refuel. As far a government involvement goes, it’ll happen
eventually no matter what. The best we can do is try to jump on the issue
when it hits Congress to make sure that things go as well as possible. We
did it over the internet, we can do it over clean energy cars.

Niqbal87 says:

ive been waiting for hydrogen powered cars since that top gear episode

Tim Fiore says:

I agree, Keep the government out! Any time the government puts their hands
on something, it becomes a mess. Just take a look at our school system i.e.
student loans, health care, drug/food industry, etc. The people make better
choices than government when it comes to investments because the individual
invests in things they care most about. Why do I need the government to
choose for me? I love politics…

CebuLightsandMusic says:


tsnorquist says:

Electric cars will never become mainstream until they can be priced below
the cost of cheapest petrol driven cars. I think Hydrogen will be the way
to go in the future.

Balo657 says:

Charging your Tesla is free! That’s like getting free gas!

GoshirnGaming says:

I think that if the new battery technologies can make their way into actual
production then fuel cells wont have much of a future on cars, why carry
hydrogen when then you can charge your car to full in 10 minutes or less? I
believe fuel cells will make energy for the cars but in charging stations
or put power on the grid, they’ll have to be really efficient though, and
then after that fusion will become a thing and humanity will be 100% eco
friendly, let’s just hope things go fast enough.

elgrantimmy says:

what’s wrong with that dog?

Thomas Ford says:

lol… SOOOO… there are fuel cells that use water to produce hydrogen…
and the byproduct of using hydrogen is water….. uhhh win win?

Campwise05 says:

Hope Nissan cars come soon after Mazda!

Jose Cazares says:

I mean hyperloop

AllGameGlitcherHD says:

why do they change the look of the cars? it looks like the car has to fronts

trampolinetricksguys says:

Tesla is amazing. I was in Houston last year and I got to sit in a Tesla
Roadster at a store of theirs in the mall. It felt incredible, and the
company is definitely doing a great job designing the ultimate “car of the

Thomas Ford says:

did I miss something?

Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens says:

I think it is good that government is investing in new economies.

r3g3n3s1s says:

Jon, there wouldn’t ‘be’ an American auto industry if not for the
government, specifically, the non-Romney government that would have let it
die. If Ford, Chrysler and GM had been allowed to go bankrupt, the
resulting American economy would not have been able to support Tesla. There
is no doubt that the private sector does innovation and productivity better
than the government, but the government has, does, and will always have a
role to play. Surely you must appreciate that since the GFC?

BK A says:

They take water and split it. When you drive your car, the hydrogen
combines with oxygen and spits out the water you originally separated.
Perfect system. Batteries have to consume energy and then release it. Fuel
cell creates energy, then gives you back the original source fuel. Power
plants could use fuel cell tech to generate electricity, too, as a backup
to a solar power satellite system.

Ahmed Alsafar says:

Great video Jon. Great video editing there.

AllGameGlitcherHD says:


Primal Edge says:

the probability of success is directly proportional to the number of
failures. if you want to move ahead, you can’t be afraid of getting knocked

Alex Krupinsky says:

To me it sounds like tesla is hopefully like the new ford, like ford had
gas engines and now tesla haste electric

ItsSherIock says:

The resin why electric cars are superior to hydrogen cars: Electricity can
be produced in many ways. You can convert almost all source of fuel into
electricity. So why have a hydrogen car when you can have a

Chris Lin says:

what happen too the china dude buying some of fisker ?

MrRedpaul84 says:

I agree with you jon, when the government gets involved, things can get ugly

xtracheeez says:

The government can invest more than any private company ever will. The
sheet amount of money the DoD or DoE can throw at something is staggering.
We have the government to thank (or blame) for the Internet we’re using
right now. For more on this topic I’d highly recommend P.W. Singer’s book
“Wired for War”. It has a wonderful segment on government investments.

Jose Cazares says:

Whoop monorail

Harm ieboy says:

Volkswagen, really ?! Isn’t there an American Word this is German in a very
bad way xD

Infinite says:

Gasoline can also explode so why are people scared of hydrogen? lol

xtracheeez says:

Waste? No. Government invests in potential ideas. If those investments had
resulted in a revelation in battery technology changing the way we drive
you wouldn’t be saying that. It is money well spent. Risk comes with as
much loss as it does gain.

Skinnymarks says:

Guess, what a nontoxic battery that charges in a few minutes is on the
horizon. The best part, it has an extremely long charge cycle life.

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