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Eco-friendly Casket Kits

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t4705mb6 says:

Dead people just appreciate all this effort.

3457 CVD says:

I wish my dovetails looked as good as yours. Keep up the good work.

Jon Adams says:

now lets say i left the handles off to create air holes and put 3 inches of bed foam in it , could i sleep in it

Rolaster Drake says:

Nicely engineered! Love the creaking sound when its opened.

douglas carpenter says:

Eco friendly. LoLĀ 
Liberalism has infected all the simple minds of the world.

Rick Haynes says:

Where can I get one the kits?

CharLotte Mund says:

are those Canadian accents I hear?

Don Swaney says:

Bob, don't be so thin skinned. I live in Tell City, am a woodworker, and will be buried in one of your boxes. But, your craftsmanship is basic. And, I do not use a C&C machine to parts. Also, I do not use a nail gun for quality joinery. Your beveled dovetail tops are great. Also. it is deceptive to let the public think these caskets are built by monks. You are an off site business that sells through the Abbey store.

Thomas Krafft says:

You don't use any glue?

Bear Claw says:

AT 6;50 it even sounds creepy….

fire walker foot says:

you want my secret

Efrain Sinakey says:

hi I like that friendly casket kit . can you show full details from the start up to the end .

Frederick says:

I am interested in a toe pincher coffin. Pine wood, no finish just oil, no lining, no cushion, no head rest. What would be the price for such an item?

Casket Plans says:

We offer dozens of DIY casket plans including this one available.
We offer casket kits which are packed flat and assemble precisely and with ease.
We offer innovative custom built caskets
For information call Mark at 250.777.1777

fanobennemsi says:

Very, Very nice! Great job.

Nigel Rae says:

How much are they as would be good to get some for when the time comes and we need them and where can they be bought from in Australia?

David Furr says:

Where can this Casket be bought.

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