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Eco-Friendly DIY Homes Fit for a Hobbit

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In Pembrokeshire, Wales, the cutest, handmade houses have been popping up around the county. These wee homes, made of natural, locally sourced materials and scavenged bits from the surrounding countryside, embody low-impact living. What exactly does that mean? It means that the inhabitants who built these houses, like Simon and Jasmine Dale, grow and cultivate the vast majority of what they consume. The two have been living in their very own hobbit-sized house since 2003. And now, they’re helping others build similar homes in the Lamma community—the country’s first eco-village. Needless to say, the Bagginses would approve.

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Kanda Yuu says:

Real life Minecraft (?)

It is so wonderful :'D

Freya Evershed says:

Looks so beautiful and fairy tale like 😍😍😍wowww check out the magical and enchanting garden!

Muhammad Zein Hanafi says:

What is the name of the song in 2:28 ?

Oh Hello says:

OH MY GOD they are Living in my dream!!

The Demon Is Here 666 says:

Nice now I cannot buy a instrument

Walter says:

Modern society is so toxic, i hate the alienating world of labor that doesn't have any purpose. My ideal life is this. No cancerous internet, no society, just feeling alive.

Jkang Brain Skits and Vlogs says:

2000 or 3000 mine cost 350,000

PenguinToast says:

This is just amazing. Definitely on my bucket list.

Here's my bucket list so far

1. Visit the other side of the world
2. Go on I-5 at 3am in the morning
3. Build something like this

Melissa Samms says:

How did they get the land though?

Regan Lewis says:

yeah watch the grand designs episode about this project it's cool

I like to sit and eat says:

This is it. This is my future

William Payne says:

I remember seeing these guys on Grand Designs! It was a super interesting build.

AwkwardPanda says:

The modern Shire

David1234 5 says:

This guys voice is sooo calming damn.

firebird95driver says:

Dreams DO exist

Jon Ramirez says:

This looks freaking cool I want to live there.

Jon Ramirez says:

This looks freaking cool I want to live there.

SuperWho says:

What a beautiful way to live

melody hoefdraad says:

Zo idyllisch! Een leven om verliefd op te raken…

humfy b25 says:

This simple life is interesting & somehow appealing.

Jake Kellem says:

Nobody ever said they were vegan?

Oskar winters says:

how does this work legally with tax because most chalets if they are of a certain size you are only allowed to live in them for 10months of the year, mostly due to tax but even in cased where people do pay, fines and prison sentences have still been issued as it is a reduced tax.

Satansoo Trash says:

The man reminds me of Louis Tomlinson for some reason :)))

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