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reduce, reuse, recycle
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L4ca Xd says:

legit just subscribed you my dude, keep working these works <3

Random Trainer X. says:

You get gunk'd, and you get gunk'd, we all get gunk'd. Wait….

joshua snyder says:

Yo if anyone isn’t subbed to duncankneedeep but is subbed to callum get over there and sub. Duncan created the roulette app and is still under 100k. Get this man up there.

Level Jango says:

Hoodlum, will you ever restart the Pokémon ranger guardian signs?
You only did 2 episodes ;(

Ian Robertson says:

1860th view 186th like

megaman mania says:

Lmao I thought callum was where Ritchie was and vise versa

megaman mania says:

Lmao boner sheet just why yoehn genius but WHY!?!?!?!?!?!

KenjiTheSnek says:

Is ray like, callum’s slave now or something? He’s been in almost every free for all these past few vids

Zen Alakazam says:

My boy Yoehn on every ffa !

Illusion Force says:

Signs you might be an alolan muk:
Eats like shit
Looks like shit
Is full of shit
Has shit teeth
So yea imma alolan muk

Illusion Force says:

Hey, can you not upload vids at 4 AM

Pikada says:

Ah yes Muk the completely eco friendly Pokémon.

Frost 313 says:

What’s up guys? It’s gunkinthreepeeps

four dark devas of despacito says:

ladies and gentlemen, we got em reduce reuse and recycle to contribute to a healthier environment

Dora Grace James says:

Where's thr Curse Word Sin Counter?

Charlee The Gecko says:

Boner Sheet -> Gunk Shot -> Shuppet -> Female -> Trap

Funkle Rob says:

Well timed ad 😂

DoctorPenguin says:

please eat me callum

Vigor The Sloth says:

When Time Gear died so did a bit of my soul

TheChromeStone says:

As soon as the battle starts you can see Shuppet is trying it's hardest to put on a brave face among the other big ass mons

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