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Eco-friendly Ganesha statues

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These Ganesha statues have been lifted out of the sea in Mumbai to save the local environment.


Mukamvy says:

So they are dumping false idols in the ocean and polluting it? This is a disgrace

1mickings says:

White British fake-liberals employed in London w/ Al Jazeera are a new low. So sad. Placating evil prejudice for profit is something even Hitler didn't do. The South Asians were good folk. And you're throwing them to the wolves for?

1mickings says:

More anti-India bias from Qataris and racist British pretending to be Liberals. So sad. So ungrateful. So obvious. So evil.

BHGGDO says:

monkey savages. Hindus are a joke

Dark83Noodle says:

nobody cares.

Power BlacksUnited says:

Praise to real God
Without statues
Real God have no statues

James Allen says:

Demons! They are Demons you Blind fools!

TheMaster100 says:

disgusting pagan savages

Power BlacksUnited says:

Caste system worship elephants

Digvijay Singh says:

before commenting always think nobody has a right to critisize other religion belief practice.we are living in the era where mocking religious figure generate hatered eg charlie hebdo incident . so assume your religion is best but dont critisize other.

Erik Ruiz says:

Ok but they know that the elephant God thing is fake right?

nilay majumder says:

10 dislike ?.let me guess some names, Mamta, Kejriwal, Rahul , Laloo, Farooq, and so on…

Al-Ikram Chowdory says:

at least their trying.
But this is not cost friendly,is it?
only the rich can afford it n to the poor gd luck.

Dave collins says:

stupids polluting the sea

Ghiffary 14 says:

so god made by the people

it can be eco-friendly too nah🤗🙄

lee zeo says:

World's most Toxic religion. Modi's faith

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