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Eco friendly Ganpati | Make your own clay Ganesha at Home | Demo by Mamatha

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Ganpati Boppa Morya – Mamatha shows how to Make Your Own Eco Friendly Clay Ganesha.

Hey did you know it is so easy to make a Ganesha idol at home! All you need to do is buy natural clay (which is available in the market) and watch this video. We explain you in detail as to how easy it is to make Ganesh murti.

No more harmful chemical or PoP idols. Have an eco friendly Ganeshotsav at home.


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aruna says:

My 8 year old loved watching this video and making her Ganesha along. Thank you for the detailed description and do it along video. It's been very useful!!!

sultan Merchant says:

very nice and artistic presentation. Do you conduct classes for teaching to make Ganesha idol?

mkrangachar says:

Calavanthe.manodherma Bahala channagede.madam.

neelum Aga says:

Thanks for sharing the video. its awesome & so well explained. Can u also teach to make moulds

eNarada says:

Dear Viewers, eNarada has released two more videos for Dasara/ Navratri.

Making Goddess Face using coconut and Clay | Amazing Demo by Mamatha

Pattada Gombe Alankara by Mamatha | How to Dress up Dolls for Navratri / Dasara/ Dussehra festival

Please watch, comment and share. Thank you


Nice idol mam can I purchase this clay in pune thanks for sharing video

YU Logs & Tech says:


Ganesh R says:

Very beautiful Sriganesha idol making and Very nice explanation by you Madam. Excellent work. Loved this video …..So beautifully you are teaching us to make Ganesha, each and every step you are telling us so diligently.

God Bless you. Keep teaching many more good things to our world. Please also tell us where this kind of brown colored clay is available in Hyderabad city.

jayvenk says:

Absolutely beautiful. So much detail. And your explanation and the process was so easy to understand. Thank you so much

sonali padir says:

I would love to watch more videos

Devi Adabala says:

Super talented mam…hats off to ur artwork.

Sangeeta's Kreations says:

Very nice , thx for sharing🙏 please can you give me the address where can I find this clay?
How long the clay last ?

Omkar Joshi says:

very nice madam. definitely i will try it at home

Mee Na says:

So cute, so nice!!

Pallavi Chugh says:

Amazing amazing amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

deepthi vaishnavy says:

This is the most pricised and beautiful detailed Ganesh making I have ever seen .. awesome work 🍀👍😄❤️

RedRock Asrama says:

Very nice job. Thank you for sharing.

laavanya yadhav says:

Can you also show how to make goddess Durga idol seated on singhasanam for navratri? Please.

pawankumar angadi says:

woww..really great mam…n we will live long if every one follow this kind of idol at home. echo friendly idol..nice..i will try next year…

garima rajput says:

Mam ur work is excellent, i like it very much thank u mam i'll also try to make ganpati at home

Archana Sharma says:

Amazing work! Such a beautiful idol! Will definitely use this for next year! 🙂


Where can I get the same clay in pune. Wats the exact name.

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