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Eco-Friendly Hacks – Hack It: EP104

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Rebecca shares creative ways to up-cycle your old stuff and turn them into something useful! Brought to you by Carousell http://sg.carousell.com

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Kyle Alberto says:

Hi Rebecca I would be very happy if you reply hi😁😀

Nisha Massey says:

Love your hair!!😍

Janet Thien says:

U look so fatty

dany jj says:

"talk to thing like that sound crazy"

marie kondo: i love mess but not u hahaha

Yolanda Susan says:

love the hair color 😍😍

zact lee says:

I need to find a screw longer than my what!!??

Ramy says:

I avoid food wastage by finishing them 😁

fun & coverup says:

Wow after a long time something different in episode.
Even i talk to my things like a person.
And hey Jasmine wong we are eco friendly sisters (from India) High five and nice to meet you .

Aifa J. says:

Do they not have a bottle recycling program in your country?

Shashank Udapurkar says:

Your haircut is soooo good. Also this is the 22 comment. Yay!

Im jin you know says:

I like your hair

• m i l k t e a • says:

Can you do plant hacks? 🌱

Sheryl says:

hey i saw u smoking at bugis street like 4-5 days back i wanted to say hi but i didnt want to disturb u😂

Anisha Ahktar says:

Viewed 😉

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