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Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips with Greenvelope

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I absolutely love the holidays and in partnership with Greenvelope these are some ideas and tips to make your holidays a little greener, including eco conscious gift giving, decorations, and party tips!

Send digital cards this year with Greenvelope http://shrsl.com/?fe5c * or check out their holiday card and invitation designs http://shrsl.com/?fcsr *

I also wrote a blog post with links if you want to make your own natural decorations http://verenaerin.ca/green-christmas-2016/ and you can see more green Christmas inspiration on my Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/verenaerin/green-christmas/

Other helpful green holiday posts:
How to make a Winter Citrus Garland – Alli Cherry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYGohvyxNF4
15 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas That Will Impress – EcoCult http://ecocult.com/2015/15-eco-friendly-gift-wrap-ideas-that-look-chic-not-cheap/
A Zero Waste Christmas or Almost… – Zero Waste Home http://www.zerowastehome.com/2009/12/zero-waste-christmas-or-almos/

And please share any other tips you have!

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Cristina De Viseu says:

Last year I told my aunt not to buy me anything but she didn't listen to me. I have to have a serious conversation with her. Hopefully she will understand that I am happy with the things I already own and I don't need anything else.

arrozblanco7 says:

I have been suggesting a video to my favorite simple living eco-friendly YouTubers, a topic I don't see often is hobbies.
So in order to have better care for world and yourself what do you do for fun? I'm curious to learn what my favorite YouTubers do for fun also because I'm trying to find ways to spend my time without spending too much money or causing harm. etc.

joanna romo says:

i love the zero waste decorations!!

Malina P says:

Hi there,

What a great video! You look so beautiful with your hair like that <3

Excellent video, more videos like this one!

I hope it's okay if I give some constructive feedback. It would be nice if you could film a little more of what you made, sometimes it gets a little fast. I hope you understand, I just want to see more of the pretty things you have 🙂

Love, Malin

Athena botbol says:

Please tell us how to make your paper snowflakes! I tried and failed

Maria Schlossberg says:

Helping with homework and tutoring is a wonderful way to "give back" to a friend's or family member's child. Great ideas. I do like putting received holiday cards on the mantel, though, so not sure about all the electronic cards. I also put some of the cards away in memory boxes so I can pull them out in later years to think about special people and family no longer with us that have sent us cards in the past. I also do healthy living videos, hope you check it out. Blessings!

Karolina Szymańska says:

I love your videos. Seriously. There is something unique about them; the atmosphere you build, the way you speak, and the values you share. Please keep doing them. They make people happier.

Kendra veganbombshell says:

I had a bunch of gift bags made in seasonal fabric and different sizes. I love that they are reusable! When I do buy actual gifts, I shop local and/or handmade. So many great tips in this video and I'm pleased that I've done several of them!

Sally W. says:

Thank you for this video! 🙂

Dionela Johnson says:

What a lovely video. Thanks so much for all you do. ?

Willa L. says:

All these ideas are SO good! Thank you! One thing my mom always did growing up was save wrapping paper. It's something my husband and I do as well, that way we save money and it's not being wasted. Also, all your decorations are so beautiful!

Mermaid Wise says:

This is the first video I have ever seen of yours and I love it. Very well organized and informative. Such great ideas. I'm definitely going to try a few of the decorating ideas. Thanks.

Audrey Benevedes says:

I knew you'd keep in integrity with your channel while doing sponsored videos. This was great! Also, your eye makeup is very lovely in this video.

Haley Key says:

This took so much stress out of Christmas- thank you for making this video. And I love your decorations!!

Jinglin Sun says:


Jenny Bower says:

Probably my favorite video you've ever done!! Thanks for all the tips!

Noémie Léonard says:

I don't really enjoy the sponsored part, to be honest. I really want to believe that it can work, because I like your work and want you to keep doing it, but I can't help feeling cheated when it comes to the sponsored part. But generally nice video, as always. I'm just scared to loose that genuine side we like in your videos.

Fdr Rs says:

A great helpful video. Thank you 🙂
Which recipe did you use for the cookies? They look so good and I assume they're vegan. I would love to try them as well!
Have a nice start to your week! 🙂

Janice Baleson says:

LOVE this video!!! Woman you are truly amazing!! Such creative and natural idea's!!

Tessai Hoops says:

Great video!

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