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eco friendly ideas from the FUTURE (sponsored by BUNZ) | WITHWENDY

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Wendy time travels to save items from the recycling in the name of sustainability CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD: http://bit.ly/subscribewithwendy

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Hi!! I’m Wendy and I am on a sewing journey via DIY videos that teach you how to sew your own clothes. Subscribe if you’d like to get inspiration and learn the tips and tricks I discover. Thanks for watching! #madewithwendy


Leticia says:

I love the idea of the ecofriendly video, but I'm not really having the "future wendy" part.

Christina Kohl says:

I adore your apartment

Sandra Dwyer says:

Oh Wendy, I was cleaning my 76yr old Mom's kitchen and for Herbs that went out of date Nov 1996…🤣🤣🤣🤣

Raegan Young says:

This is so creative and cute!!

Katie Coyle says:

I loved this! Such a cute and creative video. You made this so entertaining by adding in time travel. I was not expecting that twist. 😁

Riley Schaefer says:

such a good actress !

Melina Vera J says:

Amazing! Thank you so much for these creative ideas. I also joined Bunz because why not, eh? :3

Lu Oviedo says:

What is the name of the little machine she uses to name the jars?

Kate Leone says:

Loved this! A quick tip I just found out regarding leftover glue from labels—if you mix equal parts of oil and baking soda, make a paste and put it on a hard to clean area for ~20 min, it’ll come right off. Like immediately. 💜

keyonna butler says:

This was such a cute idea. And these are really great tips to use to save items from being garbage.

Becca F. says:

LOVED THIS :))) ❤️ so cute and RELAXING but I'm still learning so much from it! Perfecttt

Edie N. says:

Where is your white collar shirt from? And the earrings?

blythe graham says:

Loved this video, so cute ❤️

S Hickey says:

Hi Wendy, I love you sister. But out of love I must ask…does God and His Word rule your life? Being environmentally aware isn’t a bad thing…but what does His Word say? Are you directing people to His truth? Doesn’t it say the Lord will return to the world in judgement and destroy the world with fire? In light of this, what should we Christians be telling people? You have such an opportunity to be a light. Praying for you and God bless you.

Cibs H says:

Ahgghg shes so cute lmao

Silvie Brontë says:

Yaaas! This is the content that the internet deserves. ✨🌻💛

Mauna Pearlstein says:

Clever, informative, and oodles of fun. ♥️☺️

doria day says:

Also I’ve found that nail polish remover works amazingly to get sticky stuff and labels off of thinks! Quick hack!

natasha mcmullen says:

This why ily 🥰❤️. I recycle everything and I use the amber bottles to store my personal skincare solutions. Keeps the solutions from direct sunlight (expiring faster than normal). Loved the vid!

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