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Eco-Friendly Products for Your Kitchen and Laundry

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Hey there! My name is Marie Elaine, I’m a homeschooling mom of four, powered by protein powder and coffee!! I’m also a group fitness and boot camp instructor with a background in health and wellness, and Journalism, additionally, as a Lifestyle Weight Management Consultant and writer of countless articles and essays on clean eating, I specialize in the need for balance when reaching your weight loss goals….or ANY goals for that matter!!

I’m currently working on an online fitness coaching program that I hope to incorporate into our roadschooling/homeschooling RV journey, so chances are I’ll be seeing YOU out there very soon!

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Ana Quezda says:

If you want more information about making more eco friendly choices you can check…

Pepper and Pine says:

You had me at the first product! Going to check out mighty nest now!! Thank you!!

Leona Rodriguez says:

Love mighty nest..I've been subscribed for almost a year or so..love

BusyBeingMom says:

Great products!

Jones Family Travels says:

I've never heard of a bees wrap! #ytmm

Mocha Dvine's Cluttered Mind says:

great products! #ytmm

Brought to You by Mom says:

That bees wrap is cool!

SHEM Homeschool Academy says:

Thanks for sharing!!

My Life Plus 3 says:

Thanks for sharing! Got your link off Love Link. #ytmm – I want to replace our paper towels with cloth napkins. Thanks for sharing.

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