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ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS & HACKS | Sustainable Living | Ysis Lorenna

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Here are some recent eco friendly products and hacks that I use to live a more sustainable life. Links to the products I mentioned in my Amazon Storefront (affiliate): https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/ysislorenna

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Hi, I’m Ysis, Brazilian mum to James (4) and Isabella (2) living in Wales, UK. I post videos about mindful motherhood, intentional parenting, beauty and lifestyle. This year I am documenting my journey towards becoming a more mindful consumer and completely changing a lifetime of bad shopping habits.


My YouTube series Mindful Motherhood offers mothers a positive place to pause and reflect more deeply on parenting, learn techniques and share personal experiences of how to return to the now and be present as a mum by letting go of the overwhelming, multitasking, always busy ideal way of living in today’s society.

Join me for Mindful Motherhood videos every Monday!

You can also find me on Channel Mum: http://ysis.me/ChannelMum


Camera: Canon 70D http://ysis.me/lmVKaw
Lens: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 http://ysis.me/rghRFa
Lighting: Ring Light http://ysis.me/OZ8rpi
Sound: Rode Videomic Pro http://ysis.me/b3NvfC


This is not a sponsored video.

This video may contain PR samples, products gifted or paid for with gift vouchers/store credit. Some links are affiliate links.

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Кацярына Kataryna says:

Also I use this handmade podwer for cleaning face https://youtu.be/i23a0PMN-yI

Кацярына Kataryna says:

Hi,Ysis! I really glad that your life style has become more eco-friendly! I hope you'll be continue this way. I use the next  eco-friendly  things: canvas bags, canvas fruit bags, vax wrap(alternative to the plastic wrap), wooden brush for washing dishes, soda or mustard podwer for washing dishes, menstrual cup, reusable mug for drinks.

My Book Bound Life says:

I really enjoyed this video. Thanks so much for making it. I was also just wondering if you have stopped your no buy year? I think I may have missed you talking about it xxx

Channel Mum says:

We love this Ysis, it's great to see what things you have switched out to make some more sustainable choices

A Life I Choose says:

What a great video! love your channel, just subbed XXX would be awesome if we could support each other! sending love <33

C S says:

Great video! Your lipstick is beautiful! Can I ask you what brand and color it is? Thank you!

Leanne Florent says:

Oh Ysis you would LOVE my new company I'm with. Lots of eco friendly products at affordable prices! Check it out http://www.leanneflorent.wikaniko.com


lovingit824 says:

How good is the eco egg with stains?

Sam Ryan says:

Brilliant video Ysis. I've had an eco egg for 4 years now and I can't say enough great things about it. Literally about an hour ago I ordered the eco dryer eggs on amazon. So dying to use these. I need to get those baking tray liners now they look amazing. I'm always worries about using too much tin foil. So my other contribution to the environment is using l'occtaine products. They take back your empties and a lot of their products do refills to save on packaging. Loved the video and Ysis I have to say you look amazing in this video. Sending love from Ireland. 🇮🇪💚☘💖

Paula A says:

Loved this! Been really intrigued about the Eco egg too, especially after watching Fleur’s video and now yours. I also love the look of those Corkcicle bottles, seen one in Pixie Dust which is right up my street 😍😍. Every little helps!! X

עדי ליניאל says:

Great video❤️

Fermerswife says:

Read so many mixed reviews of eco egg but I will maybe give it a go. I love smol dishwasher tablets which are relatively eco and the Norwex window cloth for cleaning windows with just water – don't rate their cleaning cloths that much (for the price) but the window one is amazing!

Tina-Marie says:

who else loves this channel?!

ps im a youtuber too!

cortney says:

I love this video!!!! I'm looking for new eco things

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