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Eco-Friendly Rotating Dome Country Retreat

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This beautifully crafted modern Wooden Dome House shaped like a flying saucer is situated in the middle of 28 acres of forest at 116 Canaan Road in New Paltz, New York. The unique eco-friendly home can be rotated by a remote control utilizing Passive Solar Energy.

The two-level home has 2,300 sq. ft. of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and is surrounded by a 40 foot curved cedar deck for lounging and entertaining in a quiet setting.

Organic materials such as cedar, bamboo and limestone are used to construct the home. Massive curved windows and an open, wall-free floor plan create an airy flow within the structure.

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David Dreyer says:

I like the design. But I think I might change mos of the non operative windows to solar panels and increase the insulation in the walls. That much use of wood might burn in a fire. And a fireplace in the center might heat it a cold climate. If it rotates how is the plumbing and electrical and mechanical done? Curved wood is super expensive.

Robert Young says:

Nice almost like a spaceship and plumbing problem rotating it must have some special joints to keep it connected who knows.. and if you still have the plans

verone dv says:

pas sur que le bruit ne soit pas amplifié,? dans les chalets avec mezzanine cest souvent le cas

Keith Echar says:

Really pretty.

Hon Sombody says:

I made plans for very similar house . years ago and my spouse thought that it was stupid and no one would build a house like that… I am so glad someone did

Leo Esposito says:

How much would it cost to build something like that?

Cyd Simone says:

My dream house…in a forest…thanks for inspiring me 🙂

Edward Gorczyca says:

Your space age home would be complimented with a table furniture piece of mine. It’s a small table made of triangular identical pieces. A 5th identical piece can be added as a bottom shelf. The bottom shelf needs no connectors it is held in place by it’s own weight and by the confines of the other pieces. 4 of it’s faces can be rotated to act as the top surface. When rotating to use a new top surface the bottom shelf can be slipped to it’s proper place. I am working on the design of the end connectors. They also will be identical. I have drawings and photos. I am 84 years old and I have work that should get out there.

Kenyon Parker says:

stupid shit don't show it move

Carol Norton says:

The only thing "Country" about it is the honky tonk music , and maybe the trailer parked in the back yard.

D. Nicholas says:

The dome actually does rotate. CNN did a report on this home back in 2011.
Sweet retreat…..

B. Chan says:

Damn slideshow….

Awelewa Abike says:

Wait… Wait… back that up… What are you going to do with a ladder in the bathroom? Lol. Or is that for when the shit gets deep? Lolzzz

Ken Bridgens says:

Very cool house……..

Mr Cabot says:

Not a video – SLIDESHOW of plagiarized? photos?
MISLEADING TITLE Dome doesn't rotate!!
 Yeah, the music is lame too.

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