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Eco Friendly Vs. Eco Enemies!

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Not all eco friendly stuff is AMAZING to use, but there are some good products out there. Just try them

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DIY Goddess says:


Josie Webb says:

What about plastic straws

Ember Stiles says:

I have the silicone baking sheet and they work REALLY well

Cindy Pettry says:

I❤your mom she is so funny lol

sbl1590 says:

Those paper towels could easily be wrapped in brown paper instead of plastic.

Rebekka Bozeman says:


MaKenzie Barton says:

“My Kansas roots coming through”

I’m from Kansas and I can say they no one does that😂😂

😘 love you

Raegan Morris says:

0:49 #mom+daughtergoals

Jjlove1056 says:

Here’s the thing…I use plastic straws because I bite my straws and using metal ones would hurt my teeth plus I drink chocolate milk (not a lot sksks) and I have a tendency to leave the cup and the straw so using a metal straw would be hard to clean but I do throw away my straws😂

taylor j says:

it’s cawmpostable

AE world says:

Rachel are u vegan

Carlie Byron says:

com- post- uh- bowl. lol

Samantha_Denise says:


Salibette Gallegos says:

0:49 was so pure. 😭

Jordyn Thomas says:

10:52 I love how she keeps sliding around😂😂(the mom)
Edit:also happy Mother’s Day!

Jordyn Thomas says:


Carmen Chen says:

i like this

Sximply Karla says:

do not pause at this part in the video if u havw tryphobia (like me)

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