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Environmentalist Builds Incredible Eco Friendly House

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Tiny houses may be the latest environmentally-friendly trend but one man has taken things a step further – living completely off the grid.

Rob Greenfield is more than five months into his year-long challenge to live without paid-for source of water, gas or electricity.

In his tiny house, the ‘Teeny Greeny’, Rob is completely self-sufficient thanks to a number of helpful habits.

He uses solar panels to collect sunlight for energy, harvests rainwater, composts food scraps and human waste, grows his own food or purchases it locally and creates less rubbish in a week than the average American does in a day.

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0sum gamezzz says:

You should do a series on how masturbation helps to emotionally and physically keep you alive.

Sarah Stone says:

Composting your own waste takes years so he would have to collect and store it all for a long time. He mentions he buys food so where does he get money from? He lives on somebody's property so they are housing him. He said he has no bills but that's not true. Food is a bill. You can't live off only food that you grow yourself with that little amount of space it just wouldn't work. This guy is living extremely simple and it is nice but he has help from a neighbor and still has to pay for things. Don't be fooled.


are you vegan?

Frost Fishing says:

How does he make money?

th3madhatter106 says:

I'm all for reducing our impact on the planet, but this guy must smell like complete ass 24/7.

Zoe Johnson says:

Where did you learn these skills? I want to have a setup like this, but I need to learn so much- permaculture, building etc

S Pol says:

and you keep you extrements in your heand. I am an environmentsal biologist and i am tired all frree not economical primitive ecomaniaxs that smell loke goats. GO to hell

Become Nika says:

Amazing. He is really into it! Thumbs up

Chris Kirby says:

This is so frigging awesome

Sima Rose says:

A little extreme. I´d want a shower but everything else I think Í´d be okay with if it was always warm.

Issam Sabri says:

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Sam Stark says:

Bit extreme for me but good luck…you seem happy,good for you.

William Zaman says:

I respect this guys way of living but swimming in the ocean is not good as taking a shower

Mandy says:

taking a swim in the ocean isn't what id call hygiene..

Squiderrant says:

This is so cool. I've always thought of doing something like that.

Jackie Lowery says:

great way to live if you plan on being single forever and having no kids

Twisted Fate says:

This Guy is Fucking Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!

eodezis says:

Что здесь такого нового ?

Monkey King says:

Thank god he demonstrated how to take a dump….I was so lost on how to do that….

Dave Delloite says:


True Mendas says:

This dude should go to live in Russia and then we can talk about good and simple life. Or say "live is pretty simple in sunny California".

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