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Feed Your Family with A Permaculture Back To Eden Garden – DIY Organic Gardening

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We planted our garden 1 month ago today! See how much it’s grown! It’s time to get the cages on the tomatoes, and trellis the peas!

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About Us:
Our family of 6 is taking what we have learned farming our 1 acre in WA, and will be building a brand new homestead from the ground up in Idaho. We raise meat rabbits, meat chickens, laying hens, and have a real passion for compost! We grow fruit, and prune our own trees, and grow all of our own produce. We save our own seed, and can hundreds of jars a year from our garden bounty. We homeschool our children, and firmly believe they should smell like sunshine, and dirt at the end of the day. We want our kids to have real world skills, and know how to do things, as well as have a deep understanding of faith, history, music, and anything else they are passionate about. We are lifelong learners, and can’t wait to learn and explore more as we start our new journey building off grid in the great American Redoubt!


Hidden Heights Farm says:

Wow you have an amazing looking garden! I bet that baby rabbit grew fast!

First and last name says:

The only reason to prune the side shoots on tomatoes is it your single stemming, but it you're not single stemming then let the side shoots grow because that's where a new plant comes from and it does grow fruit. The only reason to single stem is it your packing in lots of plants in one place so although you get less tomatoes per plant (because you prune the sideshoot) you will get a big harvest because you planted more plants in a smaller area whereas if you just let the tomatoes vine out then you can only plant a few plants in that same area but each plant gives more fruit because of th side shoots.

You called them suckers but they aren't suckers.

Just FYI

Paulla Wells says:

Sometimes it feels like I am so underprepared for my garden next year even though I have researched and educated myself for almost 2 years now. Sigh. I suppose the real education will come from doing.

Leroy Brown says:

🌱🥕🌿🌽🥔🌾🌱🍅🍠🥒🌱🥦🥬… totally AWESOME🤘……. .☮️&🌿's
p.s. almost caught up

Elin Winblad says:

I was starting to think I was the only one using grass clippings as mulch due to money constraints.

C. Park says:

Great looking garden. I have used the grass clippings as mulch for many years and till them in at the end of the season, but now it seems my soil is lacking something, not sure if it is because of the clippings even tho I made sure there were no herbicides on them. So now I am trying to use crimson clover and buckwheat planted between rows and around plants and see if that helps.


You’re gardens look awesome. Just found your channel and enjoy watching / learning.

I’ve planted 2- 4×8 raised beds. Some help from my husband on shoveling dirt and building the beds. He took the electric saw away from me, I wasn’t cutting my lines correctly 😬. I would like more beds to can in the future but decided to start small and build from there.

I’ve been watching and following You Tube for about a yr and I’ve learned so much. Yep, you can teach a slightly older 😉 dog new tricks.

You’re the first person I’ve heard talking about grass clippings mulch. Could you possibly give more info on that?

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to video and upload.

Firas H says:

All your video very nice and nice life

Home Gardens says:

Great buttercrunch lettuce. Lovely Raspberry bushes!

Matt V. says:

Are you going to be able to move your fruit trees to Idaho?

bar al says:

Wow !!!!!!!!!!

Its so beautiful !!!!!!

I like your chanel
Thanks dear
Make more video !!!!

marniecm1 says:

So pretty and organized…I love that. Look!

michael jeffries says:


Torot Torot says:

Nice video and very informative. How do you add the fresh compost at the beginning of the planting season, now that you are mulching it? Do you just rake the mulch aside, lay a fresh compost and then put the mulch back on top?

Backyard Edible Garden in Los Angeles says:

Wow, the plants are looking great!

Riverside Acres says:

Where do you get your seeds from? Not sure what happened but a lot of ours are not germinating well

Dirtandseedsmake says:

I am going to try grass clippings for mulch. Do you let your grass dry out before adding to your bed? Also, wish I would’ve planted my spinach sooner, some are starting to bolt.

Hold the Walnuts says:

We just moved into a rental and let the grass grow out for a month while we were getting settled. We finally mowed and took the clippings and used as mulch. I have my fingers crossed after seeing your garden

Spring Kaye says:

Why not keep the momma bunny as a pet ! You really don't need to eat it do you ???

Poodle Daddles says:

thanks for sharing your garden knowledge…you are a pro! the rabbits are beautiful !

mike k says:

some of my radishes grew nice!! some stayed pencil thin….. all of them carefully planted and thinned… maybe its just the radish seed itself…

Brian Ramsey says:

separate out your volunteer tomatoes? they came up where they came up u dug them up and planted them and now u will dig them up and put them in their forever home?

Good Simple Living And Homesteading says:

Who here practices Back To Eden and/or Permaculture Organic gardening?  What are some of the coverings you like?

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