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Four Leaders in Sustainable Living

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In honor of Earth Day, we’re featuring stories of individuals going above and beyond to make our planet a better place. We travel to Mumbai to meet the man responsible for the largest beach clean up in the world, learn some tips from the Japanese town trying to go completely waste-free, and meet the people recycling billboards into backpacks.

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This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.

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Great Big Story says:

New to our channel, or don’t have time to look through our back catalog? This video is part of a series of Great Big Reels we’ve put together for a blast through our world. Don't dig the reels but love our single-serving size stories? You can always tell a reel by the collage-style thumbs. If it's got four small images, it's a reel.

Tom O'Dea says:

10:15 Afro flex in his J's

Lydia Denny says:


Escapade says:

how do you guys make these so fast?

TheGranti7a says:


wyattbarron says:

the tree bridges reminds me of tel mythran in the skyrim dragonborn dlc

Ce Jota says:

Taking action is wonderful and necessary!
only like this companies will change their minds.
recycling is sweet. but the problem remains.
hopefully this will change!
it must change.
and it will. im confident

cem baysan says:

what are they doing after separeting garbages in kamikatsu

Mali Rabbit says:

So… where is the garbage taken after the beach is cleaned up? Are there facilities that reuse and remake the old trash into new items?

Jam Jest says:

I love you Great Big Story. Thanks! 🙂

Kid Icaras says:

I have to admit, I shade few tears with this montage. So many people around the world start to wake up. Thank you.

Shofi Syarifah says:

I want to live theree!! So beautiful ;;_;;

Marcus Mercer says:

God bless those people!

AvatarMiyazaki says:

“Start doing your bit to up your game” – applicable in many ways

Ilsunny Lo says:

That beach is garbage

Eklv thakur says:

It's impressive to see that small things doing in large scale can make the change

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