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From Lawn to FOOD FOREST In 6 Years, Beyond Organic Gardening

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Not your average garden

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CUCUMBERS, Everything You Need To Know! https://youtu.be/2dq2OQsFCjM

5 TIPS FOR BUILDING HEALTHY SOIL: https://youtu.be/7-Tyz7fGeZo


Kal Red says:

How do you water your plants and trees?

Kal Red says:

Do you use cover crops?

What the Fish? says:

I'm in New Jersey too, which peaches do best here? Mine seem to flower to early and the bees aren't out to pollinate so no fruit set.

สุภาวดี อุ่นอก says:

You make the wold green,And nyfrlend loves you from Thiland. i love dogs like little ones. It's funny, It's vegetable soup,It's helping you

Simon Bennett says:

Applied knowledge !!

Rob Backyard Gardenerr says:

Can’t wait to move into more yard space to Great a food forest too. Gardening brings such peace and joy!

Kim Ellis says:

Keep up the good work! I love your videos. Have you ever grown hazelnuts? I would like to add some to my new yard but I haven’t found many good videos about growing them

bob meoff says:

You are one amazing, hard-working guy.

Jennifer Prescott says:

I plan on putting in berries prob next year? I think bare root yes? K..when in the best time to plant? How about fall? I have areas of morning shade and hot sun in the afternoon. Areas of hot sun from mid morn untill sunset. I have an area of mainly shade just outside the main garden I really want to use this space ..it's shaded by my mimosa, what plants, fruits or other edibles do you think would do well. This area was filled in with wood chips last year, this was my beginning with you.
I am so very grateful you are in my life James, you have changed my world

Bodybuilder Friends says:

How do you find the time to work on the garden? Did you do it full time? Did you have a daily job?

Thanks ☺

Raw Utah says:

almost……….50k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatta way to celebrate….with this clip in the beginning of your first video…and to see it all NOW!!!! please keep it coming!!! we are so INSPIRED!

The Discount Vegan says:

Have you tried avocado yet? That would be so neat.

crymr3 says:

general recommendation to remove fruit off the young fig so it can focus on growth.

SimoneKoch0 says:

What about perennial kale or perennial broccoli? As long as you harvest them before the flowers open, they produce for 3+ years (so far)

Mikey Gee says:

Love ya James, but the "let's go" snap is so unsettling, imho. Not to sound lame, but in the evening is when I get to watch your videos, usually right before bed, and that snap gets me all anxious, like I need to be ready to fight. Maybe it's a Jersey thing? Meh, it could just be my hangup, haha. Anyway, love ya brother, just wanted throw that out there. Regardless of that little thing, you are rocking it and such an inspiration! Thanks again, i appreciate you!!

Patti Hayden says:

Your food forest is amazing! What do you do with all the harvest? Do you can? And of so how do you do it? That would be amazing to see how you save all that food! 🤗

uro kira says:

Such a great video…love the 2013 flashbacks, and little ol' Tuck! Awesome!!!!! and maybe i missed it, but do we ever see the cameraman?! hahahaha much respect to him for the awesome shots!

Laurie Hay says:

LOVE your food forest! How and how often do you water?

Michael Collins says:

Exciting,encouraging and inspirational to see that you went from a basic backyard to the awesomeness you enjoy now. Great video thank you very much!

Anonymous Gardener says:

I think he edits his videos way to much

Debbie Burke says:

Great job! I'm just starting out so love watching your videos!

iPodFayne says:

Do you guys have to shop regularly in the winter? Or does the spaced harvesting cover you mostly?

AZ Garden Girl says:

WOW!!!!!!! That's amazing! Nice!!!!

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