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Green Citadels. Explore eco-friendly earthships with sustainability pioneers

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Michael Reynolds had a dream. The architect wanted to build completely self-sufficient houses that are part of the environment, rather than a burden on it. An ideal home would be made from recycled materials, maintain a comfortable climate, generate sustainable power from renewable sources, treat its sewage, and provide clean potable water, as well as food, for its inhabitants.

He built his first ‘Earthship’ in 1972 almost entirely from empty soda and beer cans and rammed earth. Now he is the prophet of a movement that advocates “radical sustainability.”

Today, a 634-acre subdivision near Taos, New Mexico, dubbed the ‘Greater World Community,’ is dotted with off-grid homes based on his designs. Meanwhile, an Earthship Academy has opened to teach people from all over the world how to build homes and other buildings based on ‘biotecture’ principles.

Earthships are not without controversy. Their designs have fallen foul of the authorities for violating building codes, and some owners have complained their homes have not performed as advertised. Meanwhile, some places have banned off-grid living altogether.

Follow RTD filmmaker Alexey Brazhnikov as he meets Michael Reynolds and visits some of these amazing structures and their owners in the documentary Earthships.

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Patricia Jessup says:

So wonderful to see another earthship video. Michael you continue to inspire. Thank-you.

Nerijus says:

As a stupid russians say under every western documentary video "propoganda/fake news" now its my time.


gicu sapte says:

Not so ''green'' this structures, synthetic rubber tires are very toxic (especially when exposed to the sun`s heat), the cement is not healthy at all, and not so ''green'' to; and plastic bottles…. are biohazard.
It is understanble their desire to get out of the system, but these homes are not healthy for humans; I don`t understand why they don`t build houses from clay, wood, stones, in this way our forefathers have built, truly healthy and green.

christopher st.martin says:

That hippie dude looks like he smells like a depressed fart.

trybal007 says:

The full documentary is called Garbage Warrior .

Mr.soj says:

Late Hippies…. Do they share weman?

Vierotchka says:

Find out more at https://www.earthshipglobal.com/

We Do Not Consent says:

Those tyres would help build the perfect hobbit hole. #GodGivenRights 🙏🏻❤️

Vierotchka says:

I've been rooting for Earthships for many years now. I wish I could afford to have one built, but I think it is extremely difficult to get the authorization to build one in my neck of the woods, unfortunately.

Edson Francisco Bonfim says:


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