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Green Living: 2020 Honda Insight Hybrid on Everyman Driver

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Everyman Driver says:

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TOM D says:

Know your hybrids plus you reviewed it 2019…why…it has no paddle shifters…..regen brake paddles….doh ( i won't say stupid)!

Living Life says:

Is there a spare tire in the trunk?

TheMachiene says:

You didn't even drive the car in this review?

Brandon J says:

I have a '19 EX too but I've had many problems the dealer can't fix… Touchscreen freezing, trunk leaking, Errors messages saying "PowerFlow has stopped", The low tire pressure light comes on once a week even when pressures are all good, and a clicking noise when the AC is on … All just in the 1st year! And I baby my vehicles! Hopefully it's not an Insight issue and it's just me suffering w the dud..

But the funniest feature of all you didn't mention is when you pull forward or backwards and its in full electric it gives off a "choir singing" sound. I get soo many looks from people it's hilarious

Илья Перевалов says:

Спасибо! Хороший обзор! И мне предстоит тяжелый выбор между insight и accord. I couldn't choose between accord and insight. And i didn't find any review in Russian about insight. This review is really helpful for me. Thanks a lot!

Genevieve Gelatto says:

I just bought the 2020 Insight Touring, and absolutely LOVE it! It has exceeded my expectations in every single way. So far I’m getting 55-60 mpg, so it’s doing even better than the sticker stats. I find it to have lots of speed and power, a luxury cabin, & even though it’s a sedan and similar to an Accord, it’s actually a bit sportier looking than the Accord. I compared it to several luxury gas-only cars, and found the Insight Touring to equal the look, feel, and driving performance of those cars, AND all the tech bells and whistles, but was about $12,000 less in price! (Not to mention the economic/environmental benefits.) It’s gorgeous, and I’ve had a lot of compliments on it already. I’ll never go back to an all gas vehicle. .

David Carlin says:

Quiet cabin ?

protochris says:

Ya know what I mean Verne?

Gat App Technologies says:

So I love my 2019 Honda Insight…and while I would generally agree that 0-60 would be around 8 second, I think it would be much faster in sports mode. Might have to test it out sometime.

duweydang says:

I wish it used the engine for propulsion instead of recharging the battery. It definitely looks great!

Costamedic says:

Rev up your Scotty

Kayla Fruetel says:

I have a 2019 and just passed 15K miles. It has a few quarks but I've seen 65 MPG in town and averaged around 51 over the time I've owned it. Hard to beat and it's saving me so much compared to my old car.

ruzzell907 says:

Thumbnail should caption: "And I oop! Sksksksksks!"

Steven Tyler says:

I took an Uber today & the guy had an Insight (2019), & he said he gets 55/49mpg. So the 2020’s get Less mpg’ s?

ChristianX Z owner says:

Got the crz but feast my eyes on one!

Jade Kain says:

Yes, but is it going to last a long time? I have been doing my research on this car but this one question I can't find the answer to. Also, I'm looking into a 2020 Kia forte gt line fr fuel economy also but am torn between the insight & Kia. Any recommendations?

Mark Stephan says:

Good review, I have the 2019 EX and you got everything right except the paddle shifter. It does not have the paddle shifter, the paddles are for regenerative braking and they work great for that purpose. One other note, when going up mountain roads you can really hear the engine working and it gets loud. On the other hand on it gets the advertised mpg's and more.

David Frendo says:

Dave I love your reviews. I commute ~100 miles a day and another 50 miles during the day for work. I looked at the Accord Hybrid, Insight EX, Camry Hybrid, and Camry LE standard. I ended up going with the 2019 Camry LE @ $22,800 with 0% financing. They are all nice cars, but when I broke it down I will either pay ~$100 more a month in gas or ~$100 more on a car payment. Gas is a resource that fluctuates in price, so maybe I should have erred on the side of the hybrid, but I'm satisfied with my purchase overall. For the price I paid, I also got the standard Toyota Safety Sense and additional options including blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic, and keyless entry. The only thing I miss is the quiet, smooth operation of a hybrid system after a long day of work and being able to "idle" in a parking lot with AC on while doing my work and not running the engine. The best looking vehicle is the Insight in my opinion, it's just not big enough for me.

Smooth Earl says:

My daughter bought this car (same trim level, same color) in August 2018 and she still loves it ❤️👍

Guillermo G. says:

I love this car!

Jason Ji says:

Wow this is the best insight review! Haha Thanks for uploading. Not just being smart but being a new subscriber of your channel.

TG R. says:

I would love to take Dave with me to a car dealership to negotiate and work out a great deal

Vlad S says:

"rev up your"….should've saved that for a full electric vehicle review hahaha

J CR says:

I just don’t like Hondas. IMO they are just bland, boring vehicles and the Korean competitors caught up years ago and passed Honda. They’re just still hanging around, like dvd rentals and physical newspapers. What exactly can you do with 150hp? I’ve had go carts faster than that.

Erwin Palma says:

Your hand is shaking really hard.

nattga says:

I would get one but not with that LaneWatch.

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