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Green Living the organic SRI rice farming way

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The onslaught of chemical and pesticide availability in Sabah rice farming communities, coupled with the drudgery that comes with traditional methods of harvesting and an aging community has caused farmers to resort to unhealthy and inefficient rice farming methods by using chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides. For a time, they no longer use the traditional organic ways of fertilizing their soil. In 2014, in Tambatuon, Sabah,with the encouragement and training from environmentally oriented civil societies, two indigenous women of Dusun decent, Margret and Lorine started to plant rice in the organic way again using the ecologically friendly SRI method (System of Rice Intensification method). Seeing good results in yield, healthy plants and soil, they encouraged others to join them leading to a total of 23 families now practicing organic SRI method. More families have indicated their interest to do the same. Their community is now being recognised as the one and only community in Sabah practicing organic rice farming. The organic community of Tambatuon is challenged with the drudgery of manual weeding, harvesting and post-harvest operations.
Funding is needed to buy small equipment and tools for farm and post-harvest operations.


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