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Green living tips | Eco friendly | INTRO to Malama Aina Series + ANNOUNCEMENT

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Little smart changes for Green Living. Are you ready? These are 3 eco friendly tips you might have not thought of.

Sending warm healthy vibes from Hawai’i whatever you are.

Aloha! 💕,





Link to favorite Castile Soap ( do not get Bronner’s soap. They have changed their formula and they are now using Palm Oil! )



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Terra Pracht says:

i'm loving this channel and I'm IN! go Madhava! I love my bidet! Welcome Coco!

Melissa C says:

Wonderful!! Thank you for this very helpful info. Jeff installed a bidet in our toilet about a month ago and what a difference! I love it and feel so much cleaner and better. Also, abundant life sells big boxes of Natural Value Recycled TP and not only is it recycled but there’s no plastic in any of the packaging. I switched to this for my office months ago. I’m thinking of installing a bidet in my office too. Thanks love!

Far from Irrational says:

So excited for the Malama Aina series!

You guys are amazing. Keep em coming 😀

Aaron Gray says:

Oh and I hate chemikills !

Aaron Gray says:

Thanks, I got recycled loo paper, and am 99.9% palm oil free. We used to have a nice shop that sold recycled printer paper but it disappeared. Must sort this one out as I do do a lot of printing from one person !

Sarah Krauss says:

Hi Madhava, nice video- keep them coming. I’m hoping to be in Hawaii in Feb 2020-I’ll IM you when the dates are picked !💕🙏💕

Peter Epperson says:

Madhava, it is Rachael writing, not Peter, the computer thinks it's him because he registered it!

Peter Epperson says:

Aloha Madhava, thank you for your work to help all of us wake up to what we can do to help our Mother Earth, our selves! Love it!

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