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Harvesting 1lb. Of Fresh Michigan Grown…COFFEE?!?

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It is harvest day. We are harvesting all our ripe coffee berries today from our coffee tree that we grew from seed almost 6 years ago. It has been a journey, but a very rewarding one.

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Gary Card says:

Do you find that the home heating during the wintertime dries out the air (lowers the rel. humidity)? I use an ultrasonic humidifier and a 200W submersible aquarium heater in a large plastic storage container filled with water to increase the rel. humidity to 80% at the very least. I do find, though, that the ultrasonic humidifier leaves a white mineral deposit (from the municipal water) on the foliage over a period of time, so it is better to catch rainwater and use this in the humidifier. The mineral deposit on the leaves can be easily removed with a damp cloth and dilute vinegar, however. Have you ever used charcoal in your potted plants? Since I have been using coarse charcoal granules in my potting mix for my citrus, cinnamon, coffee, dwarf Cavendish, guava, papaya, brugmansia, night blooming jasmine, tamarillo, etc, the results have been phenomenal- far better than perlite!

Camelia Cristofaro says:

That is so cute! Romantic. …cup of coffee! Enjoy!

Crazy Chicken Lady Homestead says:

I think this is the first time I've seen you be so sweet versus 'matter-of-fact'! That's a very special tree!

J Burroughs says:

Hey Luke have you guys tried to make more coffee plants from cuttings

The Citystead says:

It's a great looking plant to keep you happy all winter seeing some green for sure

Sinbe Adventure Cat says:

A little story of my granddad, he's a coffee farmer and we live in Indonesia. Once I ask him why do you prune the leaves when it's fruiting? He says it is good for the fruits to be exposed by sunlight and the tree can focus more to the fruits than foliage. Also even in subtropical place, it is actually very cold in his village. He says the coffee berries that mature by direct sunlight taste better than when you harvest it when it is just mature enough by the time and sun-dried it.
Now I got more knowledge about coffee, you can grow it out from subtropical places, because to know since I was kid all I know coffee just grow well in our country lol Love your passionate of growing coffee Luke, may you got more harvest every year!

Jim19826301 says:

Seed Lifter! lol

rawhamburgerjoe says:

Naughty! You got that from garfield park dude!

rawhamburgerjoe says:

This is so cool. Congratulations.

Jackie Horsley says:

Luke that was a awesome video I am glad you got a harvest well enjoy your coffee

Landon Larson says:

Luke, have you ever grown olive trees in Michigan? I'm wondering if it's possible to grow them in the high desert of the SW. I live at 6700 feet.

The Green Witch Homestead says:

Lol your coffee tree is almost as much of a drama queen as my Maiden hair fern!

awman thisgirl says:

My MI Seeds shipped already omg omg omg I'm so excited!!!!! and surprised by how quick that went out <3 YAAAAY! Oh yeah and coffee trees r looking good 😉

Barry Cartwright says:

maybe in the next 10 years i will get some beans off my plant when it get big enough

Steve Brownsberger says:

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dreyno64 says:

Y’all sell seed beans from your Love Tree?!

joanhelenak says:

Hi Luke, you mentioned the berries grow on second year growth. Does the tree need pruning every year to produce? Also, how do you de-seed the berries? Thanks and happy growing!

Leslie Jacobs says:

How cold can it stand..30-40's ? in the winter like Texas by Dallas?

DeadeyeJoe37 says:

Sweet! Can't wait for tropical growing guides. I'm trying to get my garden to grow in Hawaii and I'd love to see what veggies I can grow. Going to try to grow some chayote and kalabasa squash. Already growing some Okinawan spinach and would like to grow some lilikoi.

Kim Martin says:

I want to see how you roast the seeds.😊

Jeannie Scarber says:

Psst…You have the Early Cascade Tomato on Facebook, but the seeds aren't up on your site!

channelnoise says:

Nice episode. I really want to try coffee berry now.

carol parrish says:

Interesting video. Do you ever put a fan on the trees? They might enjoy it.

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