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Harvesting sweet potato – Deep South organic gardening

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Harvest, cure and save sweet potato plants for next year’s crop.

via YouTube Capture


Jasons Jungle says:

2:14 Sweet Potatoes add nitrogen to the soil? Can you post links to papers on this?


Love them sweet potatoes Tidewater Virginia

p pinchera says:

just getting ready to go out and dig some up to cure, while I know we still have at least 10 days of warm weather ahead
to help the cure ( N.W. Oklahoma ) wish i would of known I could have been using them for greens all summer in the salad. great to know. Plus your tips on the slips helps a lot. Have used Sand Hill for a seed source, never could decide on which sweet potatoes to get though.

Zeldabug24 says:

I planted sweet potatoes for the first time this year and I am glad I found your video. I live in central Arkansas. When do you harvest, someone told me they harvest end of September. Also I love the idea of overwintering the slips! I had no idea you could do this. I just took some old sweet potatoes I had growing in my pantry this spring lol. I have a cattle panel greenhouse without heat, would that work or do they have a minimum temperature? Sorry so many questions.

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