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Herbal Growing With LEDs 100% Organic Gardening

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Its that time to make some changes to the Herbal garden and we are going to ad some reflective material for better growth. in Week three of our medical cannabis grow 🙂
We also add the TnB C02 enhancer for better and more growth in theses stages of flowering our cannabis medicine,
This is 100% organic indoor growing herbal medication
Grow Your Own
‘Grow In Peace


Christopher Morrissey says:

did you say you have 12 drills but one charger? you think that at least 3 or 4 would of came with a charger. I bought a rip saw a few years back and it had no charger. still in the package. nice room bro.

Troy Wiggin says:

If that is a UV light that was being used By John, that he said he could look at long term and it would not hurt his Eyes that is so untrue as I once looked indirectly at a UV bulb for around 30 seconds thinking that It would not hurt my eyes in such a short time. Well I was so wrong about 30 minutes later my eyes started burning then progressively got worse to the point that my eyes turned very red and my vision was blurred needless to say I had to go to the E.R. for treatment and it took a few days for my eyes to heal from the sun burn to the eyes. Just a warning to anyone that uses a U.V. light " Do not look at the light even for a matter of seconds unless you want to burn your retinas.

Phoenix Marzrover says:

Save $$ and make co2 sugar + yeast
+ hot water!

Phoenix Marzrover says:

Does he think the ultra violet light is doing much ? Cleaning? What the fuck !?

Sean Anderson says:

Harley smith says your third is your first grow because by then u should have it fine tuned

Sean Anderson says:

your kind of a dick to mike seems like you get frustrated with him some times

hope reptiles says:

whats the light your using in your hand

the count says:

i see bugs at min 1748

Earl B Friendly says:

sweet video. I use pop rocks and coke for my co2. lol

WolfDroolExtracts says:

This crop in the video is being harvested now i bet. would love to see the results of those led. i have a led but its not white light..


i got some strains of my own i started can i send you some free of charge I'm trying to get my strains out there

LongboardVA says:

theyre filled with yeast and sugar lol

Mitchell says:

Thank you for your great videos.

My story is that I grew up in a strict JW household, my mom very serious about the religion, but also serious about holistic medicines. Long story short, she tried CBD and it stopped her dangerous heart palpitations. She is now legal to buy from clubs and grow up to 99 plants.

I believe we are in the golden age of Cannabis.

Original Sin says:

Hi John, what kind of organic fertilizer do you use? How do you produce it?

Joe Smart says:

Let me know since you know a lot of guys that are in the business of selling Led update new Led spectral king let me know if you have any used refurbished or dented or opened once for sale have a limit on cash so if you have any refurbished or open or display models for sale let me know please help me out or give me some advice

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

I dont think that you get any big Benefit from Co².you know what Experts say.Its the LAST thing to optimize in an else perfect Growroom..and as long as you have blue not reflective "garbage" bags at your Growroom walls this should be the first thing you should fix,to get proper Lighttraps,not just some Reflection,Lighttraps where the Light has to richochet countless times hitting all Parts of the Plant before it fades out

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

The Cleanlight Guys have a new Invention which makes the Cleanlight pointless.They have a device which is added to your Air Intake.They say when the Air Intake is cleaned there is no need to shine the cleanlight on the Plants..everything is kept clean automaticaly

John Beem says:

12:30  Looks like sugar and yeast.

brianyoung55 says:

There is nothing organic about an LED light

CrzyFox says:

Thanks for all the knowledge John. Like the chill statments made on growing. I will constantly push myself to the point of OCD bonkers trying to keep the girls puuurfect. lol 🙂 I should realized whats gonna happens is gonna. and enjoy the ride. Thanks for the perspective bro.

ThePhiliblunt says:

sugar and yeast bro that's all it is

Kathleen Rothman says:

thanks for the update !   Peace !    puff n pass   🙂

Kevin King says:

hey its a big opperation compaired to my stealth grow in my old big screen tv

Kevin King says:

rooms looking good johnny

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