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Home Stay At The Eco-Ranch. Learn & Enjoy Sustainable Living!

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This is a video explaining why we are now hosting working guests, what we are doing, what we need and how we can help you grow through a “home stay”, “workaway”,”WWOOFing”, HELPX, “airbnb”, or other type of mentoring/internship experience!


Donald Pedigo says:

….Progressive-Liberals…???…..In West-Texas….???….Hallelujah….!!!….No wonder Cascade is always wagging her tail…..I just Google-Earthed your ranch….EARTHSHIP DR…..What a Hoot…!!!….Intrepid Souls for sure, working hard to live life to its' fullest….You and Debbie have a lot to share with anyone considering making their home in the desert….Best.

Mario Gonzalez says:

Excelent video. Your lifestyle is awesome. I wonder why using bottles instead rocks ? I mean rocks are free and you have tons of it,plus rocks and cements last forever and bottles break easily.Just curius.

Ishtiaq Ahmad says:

Hope in this rugged land how much cost accers,? How much cost me to be settle in this desert? Hope answer as you are so friendly like you.

allen guthrie says:

I am currently unemployed….got time to help for a couple weeks….would love learning more about the area and sustainable living…good thing is I am set up for a move if that be the case…I own my home here and would have the ballance to start my own place…I am on Face Book under Guthrie Allen.

Charlene Norman says:

Your so cool, I wish my husband and I could visit, maybe some day

Jimmy Davis says:

Hi I've got 60 acres in Texas living in ga rite now but anyway I want to build a small cabin out of stone but I don't know much about it. I'm 52 years old and would love the knowledge of how to do that

Kazzana says:

The rabbit in a bucket, with holes for the maggots to drop out of, would provide some nice protein for those chooks. What a tough environment you have to deal with. Loving your videos, thank you.

Paul G says:

hey rob…. try get …try get some silkies as they like hatching out eggs..tc there….also did u get the rabbit and eat it…

Tracy James Tavares says:

Mr.Earl , We think it is great what you are doing an how you are getting it done .  We wish there where more like you an yours .  The only thing that is totally troubling is the part about the police having the freedom of your place , I just could not agree to that .  Im a old jar head near 60 tryin to get an old camper going , if I can get it going Ive got to catch up w/ friends in AZ .  Def. want to take a swing buy an if I am doing OK that day I might be able to lend a hand for a chees burger or shower .  Fingers crossed .   Much luk in health an your castle

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