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How I Make Mulch – Back to Eden Organic Gardening Technique

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How I Make Mulch – Back to Eden Organic Gardening Technique. In this video I discuss the Back to Eden Gardening Technique and how it applies to suburban landscaping. I use a wood chipper to make my own mulch. This works extremely well, but the wood chips should not be mixed with the soil.

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Against all odds says:

Wouldn't leaves mixed in with the wood chips supply the nitrogen you need for the decomposition? I used this mixture to mulch my existing plants and shrubs (only 3 inches or so) and in areas I'm preparing for future beds, I piled it on thick. I like the idea that the chips break down to improve the soil whereas commercially sold wood mulch takes forever to break down and generally doesn't improve the soil. I mulched this Fall and plan to plant into those thickly mulched areas in the Spring.

antio warr says:

Look at the video again ur are miss understanding what Paul done…

Erick Styron says:

Any (video) or tips on fertilizing plants in general to help them look their best that I've missed somewhere?

Cathy Brown says:

I have been wondering how you felt about the Back to Eden method.

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