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How My Homestead & Organic Gardening SAVED my Family

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My Story, How to Homestead & Organic Gardening SAVED My family.. Learn to grow ( build ) soil with me. Homesteading income for beginners is what you make it to be…


Ryan Wojcicki says:

Thanks for sharing! One day my family will try to homestead!

James Ruland says:

Mark God Bless you and your family

Rob C says:

Thank you for sharing your story with us Mark. You are a true inspiration. Blessings to you and your family. Namaste!

81realtime says:

Thank you for sharing your story Mark. I appreciate the vulnerability, tenderness and courage. May God continue to bless you and your sons.

Hardship has also driven me to make my land produce. Thank you for showing the way.

She's a Bottler Gardens and Preserves. says:

Hi from a new fan from Australia and how inspiring is this video, thank you.

Alex VI says:

Thanks for your inspiration. I have until now lived in a flat with a big balcony in central London so I wasn't the least sustainable. But I was productive.

Now we've bought a house and I am applying your methods and look forward to the results.

Looking forward to more… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ontheroadwith Joy says:

A Very inspiring story! Thank you!

neilsanns says:

Your story is inspiring! Thank u for sharing it with us.

Carmen Ortiz says:

I like the video, good job. I wanted to add that not being able to afford a farm is not a detriment to having your own homestead. I am 70 and my micro"farm" consists of 1/3 acre in the middle of town. The south side has a dozen 100 year old trees which cast a lot of shade. But, I can grow enough fruits to not need to buy any from the store and enough vegetables so I need to buy very little. My food budget is just $80 a month. It would be less if the city would allow chickens. Asides from all the shade, my soil is very sandy and temperature here can go down to 35 or even on rare occasions 45 degrees BELOW ZERO. Of course I do a lot of canning, dehydrating etc and I almost always cook from scratch. My vegetable garden soil is now very nice, although it is sand everywhere else, with, as you mention, very little amendment, aside from all the leaves from mostly 80 feet tall oaks and a few pines. Is it hard work? Sure, but if someone my age can handle it, so can just about everyone else. My daughter is also autistic, although most people would never guess that now. She is married and became very successful, even when dealing with others was so difficult for her. I always treated her just like her brother and as the years passed she improved, it's a matter of finding what it is they are best at. And yes, it takes many years, she's 43.

BeaverRick says:

Sorry for your loss, you are an inspiration for others.

Blind John says:

My Favorite most inspirational video of yours yet & I may have seen them all. Learning more and more about the soil food web and how to build soil thanks to you. I will try to make a video of my 1/10 acre urban homestead this year documenting the changes the last 4 years ive owned my house. Ive tried so many methods of gardening and done a ton of experimenting, but in the end building soil & using no till & mulching is the easiest/cheapest by far. Cheers

TexarkanaPrepper says:

Awesome video as usual. Love how you are building soil. I am doing the same? Have you watched the videos by Alan Savory, Greg Judy and Joel Salatin? I going to start using managed or mob grazing to help build my soil up.

Philip McDaddy says:

Mark, I haven't seen a single "weed" in any video lol. Are you that meticulous or use some sort of organic spray?

Karen says:

A BIG thank you to you for teaching us so much. I believe you are exactly where you are meant to be in your journey. You're a wonderful dad! This Northwest NJ gal has learned so much from you and my gardens are smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

Alfamoto8 says:

Hi Mark, thanks for sharing. I would suggest to change your channel to "I AM NATURAL GARDENING" as your methods and teachings are quite close to Fukuoka's thinking and this is why I love this channel. Organic has become too expensive and too labor-intensive even for us with a small garden.

zuricatex says:

You reach a heart in Argentina. I wish you strength and love.

Luneth Gardens says:

Hi Mark, thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to your videos every week. My 9 month old daughter has DS and I was inspired by your first video of your son a few weeks before she was born. Your courage is amazing and I hope I can find enough of my own someday to buy some property and farm it like you do. Keep the videos coming, they're a highlight of my week.

Joanna Gratkowski says:

God bless you and your sons. You are doing such a great things for you and your family, and also for all of us.

Skibrzy says:

you are doing not good but greatย ย  with boys with outlook on life and to boot teaching us ย I admire you

Mark L says:

Thank you for sharing your story!!!!! God bless!!!!!

Crouton says:

Thank you for sharing your story, I had no idea you've been through so much heartache. ?I already admired your efforts to educate us ?โ€?in ways no one else has been able to do and now my respect for you has quadrupled! ?You are father of the year…every year! ?โ€?โ€?????

Roger Smith says:

My great grand parents came from Dutch Holland. Your story is amazing and inspiring. Our great grand parents did just fine without one stitch of fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, herbisides, or even a tractor for that matter. No need to beat everything into submission like "modern farms" do today. I'm so glad there are guys out there like you doing it the way that doesn't kill the land and sea. I believe that because of your videos and others like yours, more and more people are getting inspired and becoming more aware of the way "Modern farming" is impacting our future. Thank you for sharing, and all you do.

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your story, I love it, you have great looking children, I love your heart, your work, and all you do, Don

D Mink says:

The philosophical Farmer. Thanks for sharing your story.

Cee be says:

The other day I heard someone say that planting willow near the garden was good because it has both endo and ecto. And because of you ๐Ÿ™‚ I understood what he was talking about ! Thanks.

Emilia Atanassova says:

Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria! God bless you and the boys! May you be happy forever! Love your educational videos! Very enspiring!

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