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How to Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner (Environmentally Friendly Dog Tips)

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Simple steps to turn you and your dog into a more eco-friendly pair!

We are all becoming more aware of our carbon footprints,
every single day. The amount we all collectively waste on a daily basis is shocking, and although we try to recycle when possible, that just isn’t enough to help the environment. ♻️♻️♻️

With that in mind, we should be thinking about our pets, too.
What about their carbon footprints? or pawprints 🐾

In todays episode me and Buddy will be going through some tips on how you can become an eco friendly pet owner. Make sure you stick around until the end of the episode for our special bonus tip which is gonna save you alot of money 💸

Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of BTB, the show where we bring you canine content on dog treats, toys and training tips 🐶

Buddy the Borador and myself have put together a little guide on how you – and your favourite canine – can help make the environment a little greener and cleaner again.

Tip number 1️⃣ – Walk – don’t take the car 🚘

Instead of driving to your favourite beach or the local park to walk your dog – just, erm, walk there as well! Not only is this a great form of exercise for both you and your pet, but the environment will be ever so thankful, too.

We all know a car’s emissions can seriously pollute the air, and short car journeys are the worst culprits.

Make the most of the (occasional) sunny weather and ditch your car completely – and watch the steps on your FitBit shoot on up.

Tip number 2️⃣ – Towels are a dog’s best friend 👍

Set the scene:

You get in from a walk with your dog and they are covered in mud, dirt or some other questionable substance. A standard situation, right⁉️

Instead of reaching for the likes of kitchen roll, simply buy a cheap towel or use an old one already in your home.It’s going to save you money, and it’s going to mean less paper towels being thrown into the bin and into landfill. Just remember to keep the towel stored away in a safe place so others don’t mistake it for their own…

Tip number 3️⃣ – Eco-friendly toys are a thing 🌍

You would be forgiven for thinking the toys your dog chews on are fine for the environment. It’s so easy to forget the often harmful materials used in making such products.

Instead, purchase eco-friendly toys that are made from the likes of plant fibre or recycled materials like suede and cotton. Green and Wilds has a great selection of such toys, and just because they aren’t the most colourful things ever, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as equally fun for your pet.

Tip number 4️⃣ – Eco-friendly shampoo & soap is also a thing.
You’re probably aware that some of our own shampoos and conditioners contain harmful nasty stuff such as sulphates

If you’re conscious of what you’re putting on your own skin, think about your dog’s as well. There are great quality products out there that are good for your pet’s skin and, although they’re a little pricier sometimes, your money is going ruduce your carbon footprint significantly Me and Buddy make our own dog soap from organic and natural ingredients.

These work fantastically well when it comes to bath time
They’re easy to use and the best thing about these is there is no plastic waste

Drop us a message on the buddy bubbles instagram for a free sample of our doggy soap


New unicorn shapes available soon!!!!! 🦄🦄🦄

You’re one step closer to becoming the ultimate eco friendly dog owner, but how can your dogs poo help the planet?

Tip number 5️⃣ – biodegradable poop bags and composting 💩

It’s probably the worst part about having a pet!!!

why can’t they just train themselves? But when they’ve got to go… Biodegradable bags are the answer to the annoyance of your dog needing its toilet in the middle of a walk or better yet, your garden.
You can get them from your local pet store and they’re as cheap as your usual plastic bags that go straight in the bin. But biodegradable bags are far better for the planet

There are also many people who believe dog waste should be composted!

Pethelpfuls Dr Mark believes we also should be using dog poo in this way

LINK – https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Composting-Dog-Waste

Would you use your dogs poo for composting?
Pop your thoughts below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Tip number 6️⃣ – Don’t chuck old toys in the bin.

It sounds silly but just because your dog doesn’t necessarily play with a certain toy anymore or wear a certain collar, you don’t have to throw it away.


Pixel Pets says:

Amazing tips!

CALEB ON says:

My dog cooper always rolls in the grass and jumps out of the bath😆



Beagle Baby Beastie says:

Pawsome tips!

Re: composting dog waste- from what I've read elsewhere, it shouldn't go into a regular composter since it may not get hot enough inside to kill pathogens, especially if you're using your compost on plants you intend to eat. However, I have seen catalog ads for a small in-ground digester which uses microbiotic processes similar to a septic tank for taking care of the dog's fecal defecant.

A tip I would add: if you're using visibility gear for being safe during walks at night, use rechargeable batteries or buy gear that's USB rechargeable. Less dead alkalines going into landfills plus saving money in the long run is always a good thing! IllumiSeen collars or the Noxgear Lighthound [insert shameless plug for the EPIC demo on my channel!] are good examples.

Also, regarding socks that get Beagled (or in your case: Boradored) there's a menswear company Mack Weldon that has a recycling program for old socks, underwear, & T-shirts. Check it out here: https://www.mackweldon.com/recycle

jill edmondson says:

Great video and funny. Buddy has such soulful eyes.

Mark Milne says:

Great tips! Gotta be eco friendly for sure, especially when you see the impact that plastic has on ocean life and wildlife 🙁
keep up the great work guys, that part with buddys towel had me in stitches!

llama lady says:

Awesome video! We already do most of these 😀 we have a compost bin and use the compostable bags, so we just throw them in 🙂 we always have dirty towels in the car and in our hallway for our boy 😀 also the dog bed is so relatable! Breeze isnt allowed upstairs, but he much rather sleeps in the sofa or on the ground 😂
Another thing that we do is not buy treats that are manufactured for dogs, but just slices of turkey meat that we cut in little peaces as treats, its healthier, he loves them and theyre more environmental friendly cause they go a looong way ond dont have any abundant chemicals in them 🙂
have an awesome day!

Luckie Dog says:

Great tips! And love that Buddy was wide awake for the video lol…

No1PugLover says:

Love your vids keep up the good work

Chihuahualover111 says:

Thanks for the tips! Yes we reuse toys all the time. Although we get them many new ones, whenever they lose interest in a toy I'll just wrap a sock around it like you did, or cut a hole in it and put some biscuits in. Then they act as if it's a new one. I also think that when you get a puppy, you should skip paper training and just train them to go outside instead, as that would save lots of paper.. Murphy picked up right away without the paper and everything, so I think it was pretty convenient. But that could depend on whether or not your dog has full access to the yard of course, but everyone's different 🙂
I was working on our collab parts when I got the notification, and I think I can get them done maybe tomorrow or the day after? I leave to volunteer for the day in 5 minutes but I jut had to comment before I left. Your videos are always so awesome, and I look forwards to them every time 🙂

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