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How to Grow Bananas in Containers – Complete Growing Guide

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Growing bananas indoors can be fun, beautiful, and rewarding! Bananas are easy to grow and can be grown in containers fairly simply. In this complete growing guide we will be showing you everything you need to know about how to grow them.


Practical Primate says:

Bananas are surprisingly cold tolerant. Most varieties are fine down to 35 degrees for short periods.

SantaAnaRoadWildman says:

Thanks Luke! I'm in Zone 9. I love tropicals!

J. Donoghue says:

In tropical Aus, banana plants are often planted at the end or around the septic trench. I realise it may sound gross but that is not in contact with the actual fruit and supplies the water and nutrients.

Jenna Masa says:

Hi do you know where to get Senetti deep blue seeds? That’s the one flower my mom wants and we cannot find it ANYWHERE

Shirley K says:

Great video. I just bought a banana tree. I will be watching your video numerous times to make sure I do what you suggest. What is the NPK on Trifecta that you use? I haven't seen that here in central Florida. I use Espoma products. Thanks.

Tracy Atkins says:

Thank you!!! I have a banana tree and knew they were heavy feeders but wasn’t quite sure how often to fertilize. Now I know. Trifecta is the best.

Tru_ Passion says:

I having a problem with bugs I use the bugs soap sprays and it's just temporary the leaves have yellow brown edges and drooping and I use the water meter and it alway show its wet and it gets lots of light and hot in the room. Is it something I'm missing?

Ben B says:

Not the complete growing guide. Maybe intro level.

Nancy Ruggeri says:

love this channel but I have to say that the music reminds me of those old porn movies…no I just heard the music at the intro , thought the movies disgusting but it rings true and made an unforgettable memory…sorry but I had to share. lol God Bless

Mike Fisher says:

My bananas did not do well in full sun and did not like alot of water, as soon as I moved them in the shade and started watering less they took off, when I started them everything I read said tons of water and tons of water like you say, but that did not work for me, and I put the pH down to 5 and that also seemed to help alot as well, it was at 6.5 when they weren't doing well

PinkChucky15 says:

I’m loving these videos 😀

Sandra Dee says:

I’ve had my drawer banana tree for about three years. I gave away about 5 pups that are almost as big and brought 2 pups from it down to Florida for my sister which we will plant in the ground this month. Still no bananas in my original, but it looks beautiful! In NJ under T5 grow lights – nice and warm in my grow room and about 70-75 humidity.

Will Dwyer says:

Too bad you can't grow banana plants that produce seed. They've been propagated from cuttings for so long that male plants are no longer available.

Growing Answers says:

Hey Luke, not trying to spam anything here, I just wanted to share this video because you mentioned about dark green leaves. This is exactly what I was questioning when I did this experiment. I’m sure other will stay away from blurple lights if they see this. https://youtu.be/2J3wuwsUiCM

tony redekopp says:

If you are not vegan you should look in to geting a talapia tank and save some money on food in 2 ways… Leafy greens do extreamly well in acuponics

Dan Organic Food Forest says:

Another awesome video Luke .. Call you the garden guru with science 🧪 facts
Thanks again .. Always appreciate

tony redekopp says:

Awsome contient cheers can you do huckelberrys? The one not from the nightshade famly. I hope you getin how to start and stop flowering indoors for each type by changeing your light times and changeing the temps to induce multiple harvests. Huckle berrys is more of a challenge then any thing

Hunter Henryk says:

Seems like a lot of work to avoid paying $0.40/pound.

Michael Graham says:

If you were to take a bit of trifecta and make compost from it, do to think it would still have a significant affect comparable to fresh? Aside from the lasting affect of the fertilizer

Avery Plank says:

We are having one weird winter aren't we?

pepper basenji says:

Hello Luke, i have a Cavendish banana plant that I got as a water plant. I have been growing it in the pond, and in the winter with standing water in the house. I must have a weird one because it and a pup i took off are happy plants. The parent one is about 4 feet tall and very happy. I feed it with water from the fish tank.

Vicky Crowley says:

Did I miss where you talked about pot size?

Mr. Earth says:

Considered growing a green compost like alfalfa or clover as a companion cover?

ainavirin says:

Oooh! I just love this new Tropical plants series! Have you ever considered growing finger limes? I am planning on turning a portion of my garage into an indoors garden (because Canadian weather is not friendly to a lot of plants I would like to grow) but I have trouble finding good information on them. They just seem like such an interesting fruit to grow! Love your channel, and I can't wait to see your garden this spring!

kelly51757 says:

I grow up with plenty of bananas in our backyard. My Dad actually don’t put any fertilizers but he make sure to cut all the dried leaves that were hanging and they grow like crazy. 😄

Ashley B says:

Thank you! Now I know what I have been doing wrong with mine. Hopefully I can get some bananas from it now.

Jackie Horsley says:

thanks for the tips that was interesting to know I have a cousin that grows banana trees she built a greenhouse outside and keeps the banana tree In the greenhouse In the winter time

SugarCreek Homestead of Tennessee says:

I need a greenhouse!

Sam Andujar says:

I KNOW YOU DIDN'T grow it from SEEDS.! 🤣

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