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How to Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how you can grow your own organic cannabis indoors. In this episode, John gets his medical cannabis card to use and grow medicinal cannabis aka marijuana per prop 215 in the state of California.

In this episode you will learn where john will choose to get his “medicine” and then you will go in a behind-the-scenes tour of a North Coast Naturals, a medicinal cannabis collective (farm). You will learn many of the practices they use to grow organic cannabis successfully.

You will discover the specific soil blend they use, as well as the solid nutrients as well as liquid organic nutrients they use as well as the different organic pest controls they use to keep their cannabis “clean” of prohibited and toxic chemical pesticides and fungicides.

You will learn some of the alternatives to using avid and floramite and some of the potential dangers of using these chemicals on your crops.

You will also discover how North Coast Naturals stays legal by growing the number of plants allowable under law but still reaping maximum yields by specially training and pruning the cloned plants, using special pvc trellis structures and maximizing the canopy of each plant to maximize the numbers of buds they are producing. You will also discover how they naturally air dry their harvest to get maximum air circulation, and dry to maximize the effects of the medicine they are growing in this California legal growing establishment.

This is part 1 of 3 episodes. Please subscribe to be notified when the other episodes are up.



Hey bro is it possible to grow weed out of 1 seed with water and dont use any other things for it? Just dirt water and 1 pot? thanks

Josh Highsmith says:

Leaves packed with nutrition. Flowers that cure cancer , treat epilepsy and get you high. Stalk that makes clothes that last forever and the fastest growing plant to make paper and rope with. Seeds packed with omega 3s. Thanks for another great video.

Stephanie Ross says:

Oh my gosh! For all this time you've been my go to vegetable guy. Now you can teach me how to grow weed too! 👨🏻‍🌾

2 piece Willy says:

man, you just bullshit with no end !

2 piece Willy says:

congrats you have your card for your fictional illness

ChunkyLover ataoldotcom says:

"to get my medicine"…..you americans are full of shit…."I need this M16 to protect my family"…"I need this recreational treat as medicine"…..just admit that you like guns and weed….and the world would be a nudge more honest

OverDog Radio says:

Amazing stuff. Thank you

Anthony T says:


Captain Flu says:

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Scott Hansen says:

Great Video! just to let you all know I buy my Nutes and seeds from http://www.nukeheads.com only 2 day delivery!!

Beans& Rice says:

What kind of medical card did you get. Was it a cultivation and distribution licence?

luis ramirez says:

I was always wondering if you consume cannabis I mean your videos on gardening are the best I bet you can grow the best organic cannabis lol

josh dean says:

Good for you , been watching ya for years. Keep on keeping on !

Jorge Juarez says:

I have been watching you for a while, i have the most respect for your knowledge sharing. thank you and keep up the great work.

TeamJimmy says:

John fantastic video thnx alot u are the man !:)

Jay Plunks says:

damn you fucking talk alot .. smoke a damn joint bro

Nomad Patriot says:

Why is this dude always sweaty looking in every video?

dick tracy valdez says:

you guys are going to hate me for posting this…..but its for the sake of discussion.



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