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How to Keep Your Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Clean

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It’s that time of year for barbecues and backyard get-togethers. Lifestyle expert Barbara Majeski showed Inside Edition the perfect hacks to give you more time for fun in the sun! The best way to cook hard-boiled eggs and speed up the peeling process is to place them in a pot of ice for five minutes. The best way to clean your eco-friendly water bottles is with rice. “What the rice is going to do is act as a little scrubber and do the work no sponge can get to,” said Majeski.


Cringe Bucket says:

Why would you wash a water bottle to put more water in it

Mauricio Gonzalez says:

How about you do a life hack on how not to spill your rice 😂😂😂

Aryan Samya says:

Put the egg in the sun

Naomi Davis says:

OK but was I the only one who thought the cars at 1:01 were remote control cars😂

Hasan Ahmed says:

anyone else annoyed by all these “experts” on Inside Edition?

Cindy Nguyen says:

Why you waste the rice

alaina griffin says:

The first clip wasn’t a comb it was a pick for your hair

Leo Reivgk says:

Nobody actually cares we just enjoy our food wherever we do in family time

Arron Shen says:

You shouldn’t reuse plastic water bottles it can leach chemicals over time

Its Deborah says:

1:26 inside edition using water bottles
Me: Save the turtles🤦🏾‍♀️

Amaana Sheif says:

that comb… seriously?

Hi it’s me! !!!!! says:

Anyone else notice the toy cars

Ack ack says:

Only lazy ass people do this

chicken nuggets says:

But she didn’t clean the rice……

Walter Rivera says:

I’m more interested with the wall and those tips at 1:04

Walter Rivera says:

Anyone feel like their blinking wrong.


Mount Fuji says:

It’s actually not safe to reuse plastic water bottles like that because the plastic will leach into the water. Just buy a reusable bottle

Ifodder says:

This video hurt my brain

collin the dab says:


itsesther Sang_ says:

Why would you want to waste rice smh

teh TroubleMaker says:

Why she be using a fro comb, can’t use a Texas fake blonde hair comb?

Pingu NS says:

This video is stupid, learn how to use a knife instead

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