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How to start a Container Garden from Seed Easy! STEP by STEP grow vegetables plant organic

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Easy Step by Step instructions for starting a container garden from seed. How to germinate vegetable seeds and when to plant outside. Grow organic indoors under lights in small pots. Where to buy gardening supplies. Patio balcony deck. thanks to kevin macleod for the royalty free music.


Rizal Aceh says:

wow nice garden

kiel kaiser says:

wow, this is too much fo me, i cant even handle so much plants, great video

naturel life says:

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Lacey Santino says:

My cat is just as playful when Iā€™m in the garden.

Lacey Santino says:

Great video. Thank you!

Lazy Gardener says:

Thank you very much, I learned a lot in that video! Usually, I try to perform the germination of my vegetable seeds directly in soil. But sometimes some of them for example the aubergines show very variable germination rates. So next year i will try your zipper bag method! Greetings from Germany!

conservativetothecor says:

So organized….great video

dila rus says:

the cat though! why so cute

Mysthik kara says:

oh my god I love your funny cat šŸ™‚

gatit bathari says:

you're like an officer on the battlefield. pay attention to every detail and strategy so that you win grow every seed you plant.. i love it.

KingofTheCrows says:

i wouldnt mess with that cat

Asta Saidak says:

Love the panther

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