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How to Transition to a ZERO Waste Lifestyle | Going Green |

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Tackling the zero waste lifestyle can feel as if you’re climbing Everest. It’s new, challenging, and rare. But, fret not. This is TOTALLY doable, I promise. In this video, I share with you my tips for transitioning to a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle.

My zero waste journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v50PTSaOOGI

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Beautifully Simple says:

Love ur channel

Renad says:

I really want to be a zero waste person and I'm trying my best to reduce my waste but there are products I need them but I'm trying to be more conscious of my consumer behaviours. it's kind of overwhelming but I'm hoping for the better. wish me luck.

Jackie Ramos says:

I've been thinking about doing zero waste ever since I started decluttering my home not realizing I was already doing some things like using cloth towels instead of paper, family cloth instead of toilet paper, cloth feminine pads instead of disposable pads and homemade toothpaste. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Loida Hopkins says:

Thanks for this

Cris Rajic says:

You spread so much positivity and good vibes, such an inspiration, I’m so glad I found you❤️

Cuban In Savannah says:

A Revolutionary Piece Of Fabric That Replaces Expensive Paper Towels And Toxic Chemical Cleaners! More info here: https://tinyurl.com/ybp8dp3m

Anna Lakner says:

my biggest trouble with living as zero waste as i can is still living at home and not being able to get everyone in my family to join me. i obviously do as much as i possibly can and always try to remind my family not to get plastic bags for vegetables at the store or to buy so many bags of nuts that do come in plastic bags instead of getting them in bulk. anyway, i still own a lot of cosmetic stuff that is packaged in plastic but i am slowly using them up and not buying them again. ah, its so nice to be able to relate to something and having a community around this subject.

Regina Tyree says:

I am new to this but I like what I am learning, just want to know more about it.

9 25 says:

So if it's not zero, then don't call it zero! Double speak! Maybe minimal waste! I do agree, we have way too much trash. I live on a boat, which causes me to monitor my consumption in all aspects of my life. Appreciate you leading by example!

Meg Herring says:

This is super encouraging! Thank you x

faith mae says:

when i move out, im definitely going zero waste!!

P Heart says:

Nowhere to bulk buy near me.

Shikha John says:

I reuse the containers of almonds to use for my snack container so that I don't have to waste time buying ziploc bags.It's plastic and flimsy but it works.

Elli Kim says:

I love this way of studying for my english exam😂

Lacoux says:

This spoken word narration is annoying. I just want to hear how I can transition.

Lauras Chronicles says:

you have this thing, these happy, inspirational vibes, that create a beautiful aura around you. bless you girllllllllllllllll

Alexis Watt says:

Omg. Thank you for the reassurance. I am so overwhelmed trying to transition to no waste. It is one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I just wanted to cry at the grocery store today lol.

Jocelyn Koh says:

I love the way you encourage us to just do what we can. I’m in Malaysia and the ZW movement just started last year. I’ve been going through loads of videos on how to go about it and decided I’m going to do what I can and not beat myself up over it. Whatever little I’m doing is better than none, one step at a time. I’m already making my own soap bars, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm even though the ingredients come in packaging 🙄 Next project is cloth tissues. Wish me luck on my journey. I’ll need it! 😅

Lisa Rodriguez says:

How do you live zero waste with pets? They eat wet food and I’m throwing out those cans every day. And liter is always being used and thrown for my cats. And my dog always has those poop bags. Help!

sarathoughtonnothing says:

you're the first zero waste person I've watched to mention that shopping at bulk stores still produces waste even though you're not bringing the trash home, thank you for acknowledging that!

rahmi camcam says:

totally agree with you😀 thankyouu😄

Alba Rainbow says:

At last!! I see everybody says th same: you tell the world not to buy buy buy new reusabl things but to go with your heart, work every day and think about why we want to change our lives. We love the earth, nature, animals and also ourselves so if we are all together we'll make this world a better place.
Thank you for spreading this "new" amazing idea and keep inspiring!!

Civil Mouse says:

That's an incredible video. Thank you

Hélèna TD says:

Damn I love your energy 😍😍😍

Marina Litvinenko says:

You're wonderful) Thank you for shearing with such passion!

Eva Hitchcock says:

Thank you for these great ideas! You might like my post on how to reduce your waste while saving money, I think we share some similar ideas :). Let me know what you think:

Malena says:

I just started to reduce my waste, although it is really difficult as a sixteen year old at home living girl and my grandma is just like: oh if you try it, it won’t make any chance. But I just try to do what I can and my mom is so open minded and helps me a lot and tries to follow that, too. I am so thankful to have her.

michael50694 says:

Think it's wonderful that you said that there is no 0 Waste but it can be minimal.

mingsmiles says:

the first step I'm going to take is to stop wasting food.
thx for the inspiration:)

Opal Sky says:

I'm just curious…. if every person recycled, if companies found different methods to create products besides using plastic, if everyone lived minimally, if recycling was improved to be more energy efficient and companies made more recycled products, if everyone composted, if companies all limited their emissions, would this solve our waste problem? What do we as a society need to do beyond this?

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