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Incredible Harvest From The 100% Organic Garden! Pt 1

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The garden is in full swing and producing so much food that we have more than we can consume! Thanks to the power of Trifecta+ fertilizer and raised beds, we have plants that are not only producing more food than we have ever thought was possible, but it is happening sooner than ever before too!

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Cute couplešŸ˜™

Angel Serbina says:

If you harvest those zucchini regularly you'll get so many zucchini per plant. Like so many. Pick a zucchini, 2 days later 2 more are ready. It's crazy.

Smokesome says:

Your gf has a amazing vagina.

Christian Spichiger says:

We dont like to let zukinis get that big. We better like harvesting them when they still are small as a cucumber. Allthough we get, like more food from a Single piece, but its more like a lower quality gegetable. Zukinis anyways make a Lot of fruites, and 2plants are more than enough for a Family of four. Same with cucumbers, they are better before the seeds develope.

Jaguar Din says:

Wish I had the farm like you guys have very nice keep it up mate and like the yellow one

evylynamit Tripura says:

Cute couple n cleanly organise garden…. Love ur efforts

Kristi-Anne Spoljaric says:

Wonderful garden guys!!!

Latoya Thomas says:

Can you please spear me some seeds

Carla Garrett says:

Did you take a lot more smaller zucchini's for frying this year? Tasty.

n3r0k says:

…WOW" warning be advised"

Frank Morgan says:

Ops, I'm sorry, but my wife, seating here by my side just told me " don't be silly, they're just harvesting the veggies to record/make the video", of course they're not going to eat all those vegetables !!

Frank Morgan says:

I was going to say something about the super-zuchinis, but the lady below me , Reglindis, said already; zuchinis should be harvested fresh,small, various per week, not a final harvest, eat your veggies fresh, for the whole season, at the end you collect something for the seeds. Nice garden !

Jeremy Ksor says:

I am very enjoy watching your video . Thank you

Jeremy Ksor says:

Wow! Beautiful garden , I love it. I planted last years we can't eat it all , they produced 7 to 20 each planted.

Christine Herrington says:

how do you make the picket and wire fence around the garden?

Amy Herber says:

You are So Great. I am so happy to see you and your wife, enjoying your beautiful garden

White Fire says:

Beautiful garden guys.

Rich & Clovia Hoefer says:

Not being condescending but that yellow one/and zucchini …TOO HUGE! Needs to be picked at about 6-8 inches too many seeds… massive is not our friend! Small and tender is what ppl want!NOT AN ARMS LENGTH! <3 Fried zuke, and canned Italian zukes just came about because of the over sized "non-pickers" who did not know what to do with their monstrousities… till it was too late to do anything else but shred it =( unfortunately… for breads or chop for canning) get out there and get them "before" they are ginormous, and keep at them daily pick while they are "wonderfully small and delicious!"

The J Chick says:

the bigger the zucchinis are the worst they are to eat… I would toss them into the compost.

Edelweiss Lazaga says:

She's cute

Butterfly 53084 says:

We don't eat zuchinni when it gets that big

Tom Douglas says:

How did you avoid the squash vine borer that destroys squash plants??

vintage99999 says:

You guys are living the dream.

Nina R says:

What do you guys use to keep them annoying pests away? beautiful garden btw! Thanks for sharing!

the4 heartsranch says:

awesome harvestĀ  yall!! just found this channel way cool

Du Fung says:

My zucchini were equally huge sucha producer of a plant.

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