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Inside 'Clueless' Star Alicia Silverstone's Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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Peek inside Alicia Silverstone’s perfectly organized pantry and you’ll find a plethora of vegan and organic foods. The “Clueless” actress has been a vegan for over 20 years and enjoys living an eco-friendly lifestyle. From reusing jam jars and old dish cloths to buying her favorite items in bulk, see how Silverstone makes everyday life a little more green. She also shows us how to make a one-ingredient waffle — and yes, it’s vegan, too!

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Inside ‘Clueless’ Star Alicia Silverstone’s Eco-Friendly Kitchen


adriana says:

josh really humbled cher

EMMA Lee says:

They one waffle cost sooooooo much

Amia M. says:

I love that she’s passionate about keeping the environment healthy (:

JemBae says:

love love love 💚💚💚💚

Bloom Love says:

How funny you still have plastics and call yourself eco friendly co founder lmao

BriahnaNicole says:

I love this woman

ciera smith says:

What a miserable life

Luddenis wishes says:

Loved your kitchen I love everything but no tofu for me thank you.

Melanie Midget says:

Lord, she is crunchy! Not the life I want to lead but good for her. I bet she's healthy

jackievongrimm says:

Love that she is vegan and cares about the environment! Such a beautiful person inside and out!

Bri ASMR says:

I love to see how celebrity s live

starsandsea says:


Aubrey X says:

She's an anti-vaxxer tho :((

K P says:

I still remember when she fed her baby by spitting into his mouth like a bird

Elise Hewitt says:

Vegan diet is not the kindest thing to do to planet earth. But very cool to see a celebrity love frugally and without much waste.

Green Goddess says:

I love Alicia! I got to see her in Sacramento while advocating for California to ban animal testing. It makes me so happy she lives very plastic free too

stutzceo says:

Jars and tin foil hats creep me out

N i c o l e says:

I love how her kitchen looks like she really uses it unlike some actors in some videos I've seen where it looks like it's just for show and they never use it. I love her kitchen <3

Ruby Ling says:

She looks gorgeous as always

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