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Jethro Tull – Jack In The Green (Living With The Past)

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Yuval Shtokhamer says:

Cooool version

Justgivemethetruth says:

2:56 – The Rowan, The Oak, and the Holly Tree (BAMMMM) … are the charges left for you to groom. (BAMMMM)

At this point in the song Martin, usually put down his mandolin, picked up his electric guitar and struck a power chord BAMMM!  Great song, I just wish they'd time that right and get it on the video, it's pretty dramatic in concert because they also used to hit him with the spotlight at the same time.

Justgivemethetruth says:

Ian …. you're a giant, you don't need to worry about carrying a small guitar or handing out small cigars! 😉

Sergio Alvarado Solano says:

I saw them a few years ago in Costa Rica. Great band!

Cosmas Zacharatos says:

Hartily thanks!

irina kissova says:

Amazing sound and recording! Thank you very much!

Robyn Mac Nicol says:

Sounds like Cat Stevens here!

Vika Gordievskay says:

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