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Jim Kovaleski Hugelkulture at Sustainable Living Conference Tampa, Florida

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Join Jim as he discusses hugelkulture vegetable gardening in Florida. A group of volunteers from Sustainable Living Conference @ All World Acres ( http://healingtoday.com/slcats.htm ) Hugelkulture is a way of using woody debris from cutting back the edges of a hill or forest to create vegetable gardens that are high in fertility and retain moisture. They can retain water for much longer then conventional sandy soils.


omg hey there says:


Bradenthor says:

Dont use crape myrtls for the hugel… just dont.

Dragonfly RanchOrganics says:

We have several Hugelkulture areas here and we love them. They are a buried version as we did not want humps all over the property but they work great and we are planning more. I am glad to see Jim on here teaching, what a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Jim!!! 

Cheng Ferguson says:

Great…I am doing a Nugelkulture bed today! I have WWOOFers to help me
I have lots of logs in my property. Great use for the many logs I have here.

ConcernedMushroom says:

Great video! I use Spanish moss on top of my wood chip layer…it keeps the soil in place above, it's plentiful around here and has a pretty good nitrogen content from what I am told. 🙂

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